“20 or so pimply-faced hobbits screaming obscenities”

UNC Protestors
April22/ 2016

My SaidWhatMedia amigo – and favorite political pundit of Bre’r Kennel – AgentPierce posted a kick-butt Lalapalooza of a column Thursday night.  As is his custom, he rares back and “let’s it go”…. sending the Kennel-types scurrying for hidey-holes.

I’m NOT going to LINK the whole column here because I know some of you have delicate sensitivities to anything challenging your “core beliefs”.   Pierce has a tendency to do serious damage to “overly fragile core beliefs”.   I figure those of you clever enough to “appreciate AgentPierce” can figure out how to get over to his website.

But I am going to share one especially OMG descriptive column-ette gleaned from his current piece.   It doesn’t need context…. and does involve The Infamous UNC BOG …..



Reposted herein with permission of AgentPierce…. 4/22/16.

Rhetorical question…. how many “negative tweets” constitute a newsworthy Liberal Backlash ? Surely “a backlash” has to be at least a dozen.   Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker posted a sincere twitter tribute to Prince earlier today.  A “news website” headline screamed – LIBERAL BACKLASH at Scott Walker – there were FOUR snarky tweets …. FOUR!  A handful less a pinky!

REALLY… it takes more people to play 3 on 3 Hoops at The Y than it does to constitute “a Liberal Backlash”?UNC BOG Protests

It’s like those monthly MASS PROTESTS at UNC BOG meetings that NEVER have more than 20-or so weak-chinned, pimply-faced hobbits yelling obscenities.

When “the media” outnumbers “the protestors” it is NOT a newsworthy event IMO.

For the record, I have it on solid source, that 5-6 of the loudest obscenity-screamers are Jim Goodmon’s WRAL employees covering the event.  Jim, Jim, Jim… shame on you Jim.

Am I the only one who wonders why “area media” never reports WHO those “obscene little hobbits” are.   Are they even real students or just Franklin Street flotsam ?  Franklin Street has a tradition of accumulating a lot of  just flotsam “majoring in” Life Isn’t Fair and Advanced Woeful Whining.

NC State does not offer “that unique curriculum”.   Just Duke and UNC-CH locally.  THAT might make for an interesting column….

“Area media” seems so fascinated by’em, but never tell you anything about them.  How come dat, you reckon ???


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