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Rush Chaos
April21/ 2016

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April 21, 2016

Rush – Donald – Ted – CHAOS

So Donald Trump issued a STOP THE PRESSES comment about The Global War on HB2.   Donald was after the Tranys’ / Predators’ vote today…. Tomorrow it will be albinos and dwarfs. …. Surely you do know that Donald formulated his opinion in 3 minutes based on a very abridged “twitterized” account of the history of HB2.  The same 140-character synopsis all the “didn’t you used to be” entertainers are knee-jerking too.

How is that travel ban on all those Vermont state employees impacting the state?  Is the NCGA ready to cave from THAT sledgehammer blow to the state’s coffers?

Give credit to the “take no prisoners” LGBTQ Gang for completely controlling the national narrative on The Global War on HB2.  They are using cutthroat media intimidation tactics that even Jesse and Al won’t use.  They don’t call’em the Gaystopo for no reason.




I realize that many of you have become disenchanted with El Rushbo over the past 3-6 months….

Trumpers are “disenchanted” because it is OBVIOUS that:
Rush is “in the tank for Cruz”.

Cruzers are “disenchanted” because it is OBVIOUS that:
Rush is “in the tank for Trump”.

Not sure how George Pataki’s supporters are feeling.   Both of them are probably pissed at Rush too. …. OUCH!

The Hillary-ites are the only ones who have Rush figured out:
Rush Limbaugh is dedicated to defeating that most evil and corrupt she-beast come November by fully supporting whoever emerges out of The Battle of Cleveland.

My having said the above will not change one single solitary closed-mind on “what Rush is doing”.  Every Trump and every Cruz hard-wired commando is convinced of whatever they are convinced of:  DAMN THE TRUTH – FULL SPEED AHEAD!

In 28 years Rush has NEVER endorsed a candidate in any primary despite being coerced and pressured to do by 100s of candidates in elections at every level.  Granted “this primary” is more toxic and venomous than any in recorded history but his policy is a valid one when it comes to The Real Battle in November.

But, again, you go ahead and believe – Rush is in cahoots with ________  if that floats your boat.  Boats got to be floated.  Please do NOT link Rush with The Knights Templar,  The Luminati,  Area 51 or the very sinister John Swofford Is The Anti-Christ Society.  That’s all I ask.  Don’t do that.

For the record…. the most Odious Karl Rove IS The AntiChrist.   Odious Karl is still waiting for those last few precincts outside Cincinnati to report.   He refuses to concede the 2012 election to Obama without those results.   What a sanctimonious goober!  Rove and Mitch “Turtleman” McConnell both give me “the creeps”.

I can not advise you on (fill in the blank with assorted FoxNews personalites of choice).   I haven’t watched FNC regularly in quite aAinsleywhile.

I do think Ainsley Earhart on Fox&Friends is very pretty.  Don’t you?  Come on…. surely we can agree on THAT!



I often wonder about all those registered Repubs who stayed home in 2012 because Mitt Romney was “a member of a CULT”!   I think of “those people” every time I hear Obama rage about how much he hates all us “bitterly clinging” Christian White Heterosexuals.  I say “us” assuming I’m not the only one left.  Do you ever think about “those people who stayed home”?

For all of Mitt’s many shortcomings, I’d take a handsome Mormon over a beady-eyed lying Muslim any day.  Hell, I’d take a for-real Satanic Scientologist over Obama or Hillary.  Wouldn’t you?



I never thought I would ever say this…. but there is a faction of Trumpers that scare the bejeebers out of me.  They are every bit as venomous as the average constipated Liberal.  No, certainly NOT all Trumpers …. just “a faction” of very very scary sumbitches!



Speaking of photo-journalism…. has whatever local media you “go to” EVER run a flattering picture of either Donald Trump or Pat McCrory?  EVER ?  Google has 1000s of flattering images of both men.   Just a coincidence that no major media in NC has even one flattering image of either man in their file.  Huuumm.



Rhetorical question…. how many “negative tweets” constitute a newsworthy Liberal Backlash ? Surely “a backlash” has to be at least a dozen.   Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker posted a twitter tribute to Prince.  A “news website” headline – LIBERAL BACKLASH at Scott Walker – there were FOUR snarky tweets …. FOUR!  A handful less a thumb!

REALLY… it takes more people to play 3 on 3 Hoops at The Y than it does to constitute “a Liberal Backlash”?UNC BOG Protests

It’s like those MASS PROTESTS at UNC BOG meetings that NEVER have more than 20-ish weak-chinned, pimply-faced hobbits yelling obscenities. When “the media” outnumbers the “protestors” it is NOT a newsworthy event IMO.

For the record, I have it on solid source, that 5-6 of the loudest obscenity-screamers are Jim Goodmon’s WRAL employees covering the event.

Oh, and how come all that “media” never reports on WHO those “obscene little hobbits” are?  Are they actually “students” or just Franklin Street flotsam.  Franklin Street has a tradition of attracting a lot of “just flotsam”…. “majoring in” Victim 101 and Advanced Woeful Whining.  Why don’t we get more info on the MASS PROTESTORS ???  Gee, I wonder…. don’t you?



Folks, America is in a full-blown MESS.  We didn’t get this way in the past six months…. and it’s NOT Rush’s fault.

Damn those Free Masons!


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