re: Cranky Roy’s “Attraction to Martyrdom”

USA Today Sports
April04/ 2016

MORE “cranky Roy” stuff on USAToday …. including a classic phrase about Roy’s “attraction to martyrdom” – Damn, I wish I had come up with that one.Mad Roy

A reminder of several of Roy’s memorable moments at previous Final Fours …. (1) “Jayhawk Sticker” in 2008;  and (2) “Bonnie Bernstein and “I don’t give a **** about North Carolina” several years earlier.


Folksy, cranky Roy Williams has much at stake in days ahead

But Wait… There’s MORE ….


Mary Willingham

Our pal “Mary” gets her own article in USAToday too.   Mary notes how she’s been called all those lovable names that Carolina Way drunk skunks love to call anyone who is a non-believer in their little myth….


Whistleblower in North Carolina scandal will root hard for the Tar Heels


When the NCAA Hammer does eventually fall… IF? …. will Mary be “Nurse Ratched” performing the lobotomy on Cuckoo Roy before he is led off to a foam-rubber room to play Solitaire with a Deck of 51…. For Eternity ???



  • Dr.Vinnyboombatz Reply
    1 year ago

    True blue Heel fans fail to realize that Mary loves Carolina but hates the corruption that exists in its athletic program. She also loves the kids (student/athletes) that she worked with. She is a dedicated professional educator.

    • BobLee Reply
      1 year ago

      She most definitely IS. Her intentions have always been totally altruistic in the best interests of “the kids” being exploited. Board monkeys and ego-insane Fat Cats could care less.

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