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Fall of Saigon
March24/ 2016

I freely admit, I have not paid very close attention to Wolfpack Basketball since the glory days of Corchiani & The Unitard… over 20 years ago.  The Les, Herb, Sidney Eras all kinda run together.  So I am the last person to have a worthwhile opinion on the State of Hoop Fortunes among The Brickyard Bunch.  But DAMN ….

Luckily, we have TheBobKennel on retainer here to give me, and maybe some of you’ans the lowdown…. In the unlikely event that TBK does not have the answer, we have NCSU’68 who never lacks for a word or two or 500.  I will accept the thoughts of pretty much anyone who wants to chime in.

Yo Pack Guys,,,, WTH ????

Fall of SaigonUPDATE…. “Baghdad Bob” has replied.  (see below) He and Frau Yow are not worried at all.  “All these transfers” are NOT hurting program at all.  Frau’s plan to make NCSU “a wrestling school” is on schedule.

The Mass Exodus of Student-Athletes in a hurry to get away from GottWorld is starting to look like The Fall of Saigon in April 1975.  All that’s lacking is a helicopter on the roof of The PNC Arena with disenchanted youngsters clinging to the struts.

Martin Twins

The latest to bail are “The Martin Twins”.   Not to be confused with The Ware (Wear) Twins who bailed on Roy a few yeas ago, leaving a post-it note on their refrigerator with a cryptic “ADIOS DUDE”…. actually “CROATAN” woulda been more appropriate in hindsight it being North Carolina and all.

Is Duke the only area school that can retain siblings?  The Era of Plumlee I, Plumlee II and Plumlee III is ending some time over the next ten days.  The first Plumlee (Plumlee I) having backed-up “Mountain Man” Mike Lewis from Missoula Montana on those Bubas teams on the mid 60s.   There has been a Plumlee on a Duke Basketball roster ever since…. or so it seems. …. But Duke’s area rival programs haven’t Comparato Twinsbeen so lucky apparently in retaining siblings.

NOTE:  Speaking of Twins…. my buddies – The Fabulous Comparato Twins – Nicole & Paige are continuing to excel at every level.  Entering Y3 at Univ of Miami Law School, Nicole is, to no surprise, Editor of The Law Review with Paige as her #2.

I don’t have the lengthy list of Gott-Era Transfers but it has to be about as high as Chris Washburn’s SAT score… or Charles Shackleford’s IQ.  The latter being lower than the former.   I am sure the ever-growing list is available on the various PackFan cyber-saloons.  Gotta believe the hard-wired crazies deep in the bowels of Reynolds Coliseum are romping and stomping over this.

I am NOT trying to divert attention from The Great Unpleasantness or Why Everyone Hates Duke’s White Players.   Those are certainly fun debate topics too.   I am pretty sure this issue with annual transfers out of Gott’s Program is in no way related to Swahili.  …. I’m sure BK will somehow blame it on Repubs because that’s what he does…. then we’ll move along from there to, hopefully, a more substantive conclusion.

Each year I read that Coach Gott has corralled the best group of recruits this side of Calipari World.  Then the team muddles along to mediocre seasons despite one high-scoring future NBAer but not much else…. and then Spring comes and it’s The Fall of Saigon again…. and again.  ????


Twins Caleb and Cody Martin transferring from NC State

RALEIGH, N.C. — Twins Caleb and Cody Martin are transferring from NC State.

Coach Mark Gottfried announced their decision Thursday following what he said was “a series of honest, thoughtful and somewhat surprising conversations” they’ve had since the season ended.

The brothers, who play both guard and forward, ranked fourth and fifth on the team in scoring, with Caleb averaging 11.5 points and Cody scoring 6.0 points per game. They combined to start 35 games as sophomores this season.

Caleb thanked North Carolina State for the opportunity but said “we think it is best for us to move on.”



Wait…. There’s More!


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