Confessions of a Yellow Dog Anti-Liberal

Yellow Dog
March18/ 2016

Certainly I am engrossed in this current Theater of The Political OMG playing across America.

Some of you, alas, are “into it” 24/7 which I decided some time ago I simply will not do.  Life is too short.

I am standing on Life’s 16th tee.   If I “ace” these last three holes I still won’t break par.  That option is no longer open for me.  I have accepted the limitations of my time and circumstance continuum.

I could swallow enough Sakrete to turn my colon into solid concrete …. and go on Facebook and Twitter screaming in ALLCAPS about The Plight of America a/k/a the abject albeit predictable stoopidity of a large % of humanity…..

I am certain sure that my ALLCAPS Key is not “the solution”…. if indeed there IS a solution.

After multi-decades of being in “a very desirable demographic” – a Baby Boomer.   My demographic is no longer especially “desirable” by anyone trying to “sell” a product, a service or a political ideology.   I have, alas, aged-out of being “a courted consumer”.

Yes, I worry about America.  Who, in their right mind (which, by definition, eliminates liberals) doesn’t worry about America?  But what can I do with one little goofy website on a storm-tossed cyber sea of many many goofy websites ???

Did we as a nation / a society survive all the defining moments of the past 250 years – “1776” ….. Gettysburg ….. WWI ….. D-Day …..  Hiroshima ….. Elvis on The Ed Sullivan Show ….. The Civil Rights Movement …..  Dealey Plaza …..The Tet Offensive …… “One small step for Man…..” ….. Marvin Austin’s tweet ….. et al ….. to go KABOOM over the next six months? ….. Maybe.

Four Horsemen

A dear friend of mine – now deceased – used to bemoan the obvious socio-cultural rotting of America.  Our moral compass having gone completely TILT.  I would remind him that Revelation By John makes it very clear that “all this” does NOT end well.   Rivers of  Blood…. Raining Frogs ….. Obama ….. The Clintons …. Pestilence out the wazoo …. et al.  The Four Horseman of The Apocalypse are NOT a Notre Dame publicity stunt.

Did we have doppelgangers among the Romans, Mayans, Egyptians, Babylonians, Aztecs, Greeks, Trojans, Atlantians, etc who looked around their respective “great civilizations” one day and realized this whole once-great society of ours is teetering on The Abyss…. and our options, if indeed there ARE any options, to extend “all of this” another few decades are slim & none…. and “slim” is very slim.

That many of my fellow Americans have no clue what a “doppleganger” is might be part of the “how we got to this point”.

Many of us have viewed “public education” like we viewed the dangers of “too much sun”.   “It” will be OK….. until one day we woke up with Stage 3 melanoma from ignoring all the warning signs.

Public Education in America has flat-lined.  Hang a toe tag on it.  “They” took it over while we “assumed it was like it always was in our day”.  It hasn’t been “like it was” for many years.   The Absurdity of High Academia gets all the OMG headlines but the real cancerous damage is being done in K-12.

With due respect to a corporate pariah by the name of F. Ross Johnson, when “The Barbarians Are At The Gate” it is too late to assemble a blue-ribbon ad hoc committee to figure out how they got there.   Hellfire….. The Barbarians are not “at the gate”.  They walk among us at The Mall…. the grocery store…. on social media….. as we gorge ourselves at the Bread & Circus trough.

NOTE:  Add that “bread & circus” reference to “doppleganger” on the ever-lengthening list of  “what the Hell is AgentPierce talking about?”

The origin of the term “yellow dog ______” – was used to describe hard-line “Democrats” back in the 50-60-70s….. A “yellow dog Democrat” Yellow Dogwas one who would vote for “an old yellow dog” if it was running for elected office as a Democrat.

The personal qualities of a candidate were / are irrelevant with such a mind-set.  If “he” (there weren’t many she-candidate back then) was “a Democrat” that was all that matters.   Certainly there were / are “yellow dog Republicans” as well.

There could be / are “yellow dog Wolfpack or UNC or Duke or ECU fans” as well.  Or “yellow dog Eastern NC barbecue fans”.   If you are “a _______ partisan” come Hell or High Water then you might be “a yellow-dog _______.”

I am “a Yellow-Dog Anti-Liberal”.  I loathe those SOBs.

IMO, “Liberals”, and not Muslims, represent the most immediate threat to “America”.  They (Liberals) do not wear burkas or BLM t-shirts.  They drive Priuses, worship silver-tongued demagogues promising “free stuff” and speak in bumpersticker slogans.

I am no longer “a Republican” ….. or by media definition “a Conservative”.   I never was “a NeoCon” nor did I ever meet “a NeoCon”.  I am “a me” with a wife, a daughter and a relatively short list of Friends with a capital F.  I am NOT “an intellectual” nor is my IQ off the charts.  My WELCOME TO MENSA letter is not “in the mail”.   I AM kinda clever and I retain a lot of rather useless “trivia” for whatever that is worth. …. and I have this goofy website.

I do not know them personally but based on their public personas, I consider John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Karl Rove and the rest of their GOPe Fraternity brothers to be loathsome spineless detestable human beings.   Apparently placing an “e” after GOP now signifies The Republican Elite.

Being “Elite” has never struck me as being desirable “to be”.  I never joined a fraternity in college nor have I ever joined a country club.   I HAVE been a Rotarian several times and a Kiwanian for a short time in the late 70s.   I gave up “civic clubs” altogether about 15-20 years ago but not because they are “bad”.   I’m simply not a “member of” kinda guy.

I have joined various churches thru my adult life journey, but never because “it was THE Church to join”.   I usually ended up on their lay governing boards, which finally convinced me I was not well-suited for “group processes” of any sort.

I gave up golf 15 years ago because even “a foursome” was three too many for me.   Now I LOVE long solitary walks listening to audiobooks about other rogue contrarians who would opt for going “off the grid” without too much persuasion.  I am not “Reacher-esque” but I could be.

I loathe “politicians”.  The “liberal media” is even more loathsome.   I consider “politicians” and “liberal media” to be akin to Vultures“vultures” a/k/a “buzzards.

In the case of the latter…. someone has to dispose of carrion (“dead things…. “roadkill”….).  If there were no vultures, who would do it?   Someone has to “run the government” to avoid complete anarchy.   Granted there are moments when “anarchy” starts looking pretty good.

Without “politicians” in the mix, “running the government” would be left to “bureaucrats” who are an even less desirable species…. if that is possible.

NOTE:  While “term limits” seem logical in so many ways…. it would give “career bureaucrats” considerably more influence in controlling our lives.   “Being a government bureaucrat” has NEVER been an ambition of anyone I’ve ever known…. or care to know.  It IS an ambition of many liberals so BEWARE.

If we MUST have “politicians” (and “buzzards”) I prefer “Republicans” over “Democrats / liberals” every day in every way.  Even GOPe “politicians” which is a yardstick for how much I TRULY despise liberals…. politicians, media and in general.

Liberal politicians keep non-liberal politicians from being “the worst”.  That ain’t saying much.

I will vote “early and often” for whoever / whatever is the best available option against Hillary Clinton (or whoever might end up replacing her at the 11th hour).   Being a white male, I only have one vote.   I will not “not use it” nor will I waste it in some spiteful “write-in” silliness.  That “I’ll show’em” never shows’em.

IMO…. both Donald Trump and/or Ted Cruz are FAR better options than Hillary Clinton.   I appreciate that you might not see it that way.   I hope those of you who “could never vote for a Mormon” are proud of yourselves these days.

I do not believe America will “recover” from the past eight years of The Obama Regime in my lifetime, if ever.   Irreparable damage has been done to the bedrock of our nation’s foundation.   “Obama” is not The Problem.  The millions that voted for him (and the millions that will vote for Hillary Clinton) are “The Problem”.

Of course “they” consider me “the problem”.  I have never cared what “they” think.  I sure don’t now.


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Roger U
5 years ago

I can’t get the reply function to work, so I’lll have to make a separate comment in regards to the GOP being a fake opposition.


‘It is a plain fact that since Southern Democrats have been replaced by Republicans, conservatism has suffered severe decline in the Congress and the country.  –Clyde Wilson’

Roger U
5 years ago

I’ve come over to the conspiracy theorists idea of the GOP as a controlled opposition. Why do we think the ‘Great March Through the Institutions’ ended with schools? The Republicans began as the radical liberal party after all, did they swing right or did the dems just leap frog over them to the left?

Agent Pierce
Agent Pierce
5 years ago
Reply to  Roger U

Have we simply created a “political class” that pretends to be at odds but in truth are dedicated to preserving their lifestyle?

5 years ago

With a grimace I endure political ads but only from political parties that end in”crats” or “cans.” The ones from GOP seem to remind us that they are a true “conservative” 6-8 times in a 30 second spot are the most egregious to me because once elected they never seem to be what they proclaimed. Like transgender’s they all seem transpolitical instead. The media which we both dislike and which attacks anyone not considered as a progressive liberal is still raking in cash from the “conservative” candidate that they lampoon and attack thoroughly in print and over the airwaves. The… Read more »

Agent Pierce
Agent Pierce
5 years ago
Reply to  radio_Smuggles

The GOPe have always sought “media love” at the expense of all principles… and always end up with neither.

5 years ago

AP, it sounds like we would get along as friends…..if we wanted friends 🙂

I agree on the Hillary Clinton thing. The only candidate I would even consider not voting for as an alternative to her would be Satan himself  (which they are not allowing Barry to run again so we know he is not really a choice this go around).  And even then it would be a voting booth eenie meenie meiny moe choice.

Agent Pierce
Agent Pierce
5 years ago
Reply to  Doug

Obama and Hillary make one yearn for the glory days of Jimmy Carter… or an 11th hour appearance of Bozo Joe Biden.

R Hunter
R Hunter
5 years ago

I yearn for the good old days before “protestors” were paid by BLM and move

R Hunter
R Hunter
5 years ago

Pierce we think a lot alike! I suspect many of these Cruz voters threatening not to vote this time are the same ones who did not vote last time. I’m about ready to protest something, whatca got?

Agent Pierce
Agent Pierce
5 years ago
Reply to  R Hunter

The next six months are going to be filled with protests and counter-protests. Pay attention to how the “protestors” are described by your “favorite” mainstream media source. Their in-bred prejudice will be obvious by their choice of adjectives and nouns.

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