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Fats Thomas
February26/ 2016

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Haydn Patrick “Fats” Thomas – Notorious Derm Party Planner / MouthGuard Entrepeneur / and BFF of PJ Hairston is back – IN THE NEWS.

It seems “Fats” has added “admitted computer hacker” to his litany of occupational endeavors. Is there no end to what this dude is Fats Thomas“into”? …. he was also a prolific renter / loaner-outer of high-end automobiles too as I recall?

Thanks a bunch to “Reader Dudley” for sending this one along. I mighta missed it otherwise. Keeping you’ans up-to-speed on the goings-on of Haydn Patrick Thomas is a responsibility I take seriously.

This one is officially “weird” even by “Fats” Standards. It seems “Haydn hacked” a USA Today reporter’s email in-flight from San Francisco to RDU. The reporter was working on a story about Apple and the i-phone encrytion issue.

Haydn hacked…. THEN after deplaning he / Fats approached the hackee to tell him he hacked him ?? Why did Fats do dat ??

No mention of whether Haydn / Fats tried to sell him a UNC Mouthguard, rent him a high-end car…. or invite the hackee tSteven Petrowo Fats’ next soiree. The hackee is decidedly un-AfAm so I’m doubting it was a soiree invite…. but ya never know with Ol’ Fats.

Have you got the visual of “Fats” tapping this skinny lil’ white fella on the shoulder… “Yo Dude, I just hacked all yo emails… Welcome to RDU!”

AS you can see…. Haydn Patrick “Fats” Thomas is referred to in the headline as “NC Felon”. I’m guessing “PJ’s BFF” woulda been confusing to most folks.

Frankly I’m not sure if this USA Today story is about ….“be careful when using in-flight WiFi” or ….“How I met an NC Felon named “Fats”? …. or ….“What happened to me recently at RDU Airport”.

AS with prior stories re: “Fats” I am left wondering what happened to the vowel between the “d” and the “n” in Haydn?.



Hacker who read columnist’s inflight email is N.C. felon


SAN FRANCISCO – The man who said he hacked a USA TODAY columnist’s inflight emails last week as he flew home to North Carolina is Haydn Patrick “Fats” Thomas.

In the column, Steven Petrow wrote about experiencing a loss of computer privacy up close and personal after an encounter with a hacker.


When Petrow was leaving his plane, fellow passenger Thomas approached him to ask if he was a reporter. Then he told Petrow he’d hacked into the American Airlines’ inflight Gogo Wi-Fi.

Thomas said he had read Petrow’s emails about a column he was writing on the Apple versus FBI case, including near word-for-word detail on a long email exchange.

Thomas, a party promoter and convicted felon in North Carolina, is currently on probation for drugs and weapons charges stemming from a December 2012 arrest.

Thomas had been the subject of reporting in USA TODAY in 2013 over his connection with rental cars lent to University of North Carolina basketball player P. J. Hairston. Hairston got several tickets while driving the cars.

Reached by phone, Thomas said he had no comment.


How Corrupt Is The Univ Tennessee ???  LINK


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3 years ago

FYI, this fool still isn’t in prison. I was happily ignorant of him till this past month when I noticed fraudulent credit card charges on my business card. I found out from law enforcement yesterday that the now-apprehended suspect who hacked into… I don’t know what…, got my information, and used it to make fake credit cards (and apparently did so with many other people)… was none other than Haydn Patrick “Fats” Thomas. Somebody tell me why this guy, with such a rap sheet, is loose on the streets to begin with! Geez.

4 years ago

The Dos Equis character portrayed by Jonathan Goldsmith? ZZzzzzz. Fats really IS the most interesting man in the world. Multiple felon yet has never done a single day of hard time. Can afford UNC-alum Randy Griffin as his lawyer but he’s been known to pick up a few extra bucks as a bouncer at CGM’s nightclub. Seen on social media at parties he’s too damn old to attend yet there he is…often in the midst of the Triad’s most accomplished AFAM ( and Sociology and Parks and Rec… ) majors. One day providing rental cars ( for starters! ) to… Read more »

5 years ago

Amongst the “I’ve been to’s….” The typical is a Walmart opening, a goat breeding, the Zebulon (or was it Wendell) Fair….and the lady in 1966 probably was the Oxford star….etc. The very BEST one is Little E’s Car Dealership in Tallahassee, FL. Typically, if you get the Mayor and a few city council members and maybe the Chamber Prez, that is about it. Rick Hendrick’s Hummer (now defunct) in Cary had a nice assortment of dignitaries…..but the Ultimate, according to the Hendrick folks was Little E. When he opened his Multi-Line store in Florida, the Governor, the Mayor and about… Read more »

5 years ago

I have been to two County Fairs and Hong Kong and with the single exception of a nine-legged dancing bear gargling peanut butter in Tabor City, I ain’t never seen nothin’ like this!

58 Wolf Kennel
58 Wolf Kennel
5 years ago

BL, I guess you can now legally claim the origin of the word “hack-ass”.
It does seem to never end, doesn’t it.

5 years ago

I wondered what happened to him. Kudos to him for being able to keep a low profile for two and a half years. I’m sure the ABCers have emailed this many times to Indy already.

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