Charlotte Open Rest Room Fiasco…. “The final straw” ??

Bathroom Cartoon
February26/ 2016

If you have NOT heard about The Charlotte Open Rest Room Fiasco…. or You don’t quickly get up-to-speed on it….. Then YOU my friend are a major part of the problem.

Earlier this week, the (duly-elected) Very Very Liberal Democrats on the Charlotte City Council voted 7-4 to remove gender restrictions on all Public Rest Rooms…. effective April 1st. Unfortunately this is NOT an April Fool’s Joke. These people shown below did it.

Here are the Charlotte Council Members who voted YES on this….. hold your cursor over each image for their name.  Mayor Jennifer Roberts does not vote but she was the #1 vocal proponent of the Law.  Be very afraid of Mayor Jennifer Roberts.


Yes, guys, this means while you are “attending to your business”, a member of the Panthers’ Top Cats could stroll in and start doing her business right beside you.   She can simply claim she was “feeling sorta manly” when her bladder / colon needed emptying. ….. If that happens, you got a heckuva story to tell the other guys in your foursome at Piper Glen or Myers Park CC. …..

It also means….

You’ve taken your daughter or granddaughter to Chuckie Cheese for a birthday party.   She’s 6-7, older enough to “go by heRatso Rizzorself” so you wait for her out in the hall.  Some sleazebag doing an impression of Ratso Rizzo from Midnight Cowboy walks by you and strolls right in to where your daughter and her friends are “tinkling”.

Sure…. you charge in and beat the ever-loving crap out of that miserable sack o’ human garbage.  And Charlotte PD, under orders from Mayor Roberts and her cronies (see above), will arrest and charge YOU for assault on a disgusting sexual pervert who is claiming to be “transgender”…. or some other BS-ified “gender” of which we’ve all lost count.

Does it really surprise you that IT has come to THIS?

OK, laugh at my over-the-top hypotheticals…. then go back to watching whatever vapid TV show you are addicted to.  …. or whatever “really important ACC basketball game” you do care about.  That apathy is how the Roberts Gang of Seven pulled this off.

“They” (and their ilk across the country) have bit by bit eaten away at America’s “moral sanity”; while most of us just kept shaking our heads in astonishment, then went on with our lives.  Fiddle-dee-dee….

How do you “eat an elephant”?  Bite by bite by bite and pretty soon the elephant is all eaten.  America’s Moral compass is broken beyond repair and whatever image of America you grew up taking for granted is just a foggy memory.

MAYBE this latest UN-BELIEVABLE pile o’ crap emanating from Charlotte NC will be “the straw” that finally breaks the Godless Camel’s back or maybe not.

This heinous act of unadulterated governmental idiocy imposes a totally unnecessary threat to 99% of mainstream society on behalf of a micro sub-set that is statistically zero.

After we are “potty-trained” at 4-ish, “going to the bathroom” is the single most personal daily function for all of us.  We all “do it” but it is not anything we talk about.  Now these Seven self-righteous social-engineers have invaded that aspect of our lives and of our families lives.  THIS IS PERSONAL!

This arrogant stupidity by the Charlotte Seven is NOT giving “a statistical handful” of transexuals “a place to pee”.  They are giving 100s of pedophiles and perverts “a place to prey”.

I can’t tell you what to do.  If you live in Charlotte, and want to blame those sanctimonious twits at McClatchy’s Charlotte Observer, that would be a place to start.

Maybe a woman in Eastern Tennessee will write a letter complaining about “open rest rooms” and create a national firestorm like she did when she said she thought Cam shouldn’t “dab”.

If you live in Charlotte you COULD let Roberts’ Gang of Seven shown above know how you feel…. but they’ve proven they don’t care.  They loathe “people like us”.   They will spew some naive self-righteous babble about the gender-confused need a place to pee and potty too.

NOTE:  Expect other liberal Democrats on city councils and county commissioners to follow Charlotte’s lead.  Raleigh – Greensboro – Winston-Salem – Your Town.   Forget “Chapelboro” and Asheville…. those municipal insane asylums has been toxic waste dumps for years.

Maybe you hope / pray that the NC General Assembly will jerk a knot in those self-righteous whack-jobs who voted this in.   The NCGA CAN overrule it…. IF they have the courage and cajones to do so.

Slip large enough campaign donations to House Speaker “Tiny Tim” Moore (R) and his cronies Nelson “Bottom” Dollar (R), David Lewis (R), Kelly Hastings (R), and Jason Saine (R) and they “might” return your call.  Ask the Solar Gang how to launder the $$$.

I’m sure you know a few “liberals”…. at work, neighbors, a worthless brother-in-law, wherever.  You’ve probably eliminated all of’em you could from your Life – I have – but some you can’t delete for whatever reasons.

Stop fighting for five minutes over whether Trump Is Worse Than Hillary blah blah blah….  simply ask them:  Do You Support The Charlotte Open Rest Room Law?

They will claim not to know about it…. which may be true because MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC aren’t going to touch it but the Charlotte Observer will so every jackass liberal in Greater Mecklenburg WILL know about it.

Democ Gubernatorial Candidate “Run & Hide Roy” Cooper is claiming he “doesn’t know nuthin’ about it” which is sooo predictable for “Run & Hide Roy”.  And a sycophant media allows Roy Cooper to get away with it.

Roy Cooper and Mayor Jennifer Roberts are longtime political “allies”.

No word yet what CAM thinks about it.  An entire city / state holds its breath waiting for CAM’s opinion on Open Restrooms.   CAM’s recent “baby daddy” baby isn’t old enough to “go by itself yet” so he probably doesn’t much care.

Ask every Democrat running for ANY OFFICE in North Carolina for their opinion.  Put their feet to the fire.

THIS LATEST CRAP might Awaken The Sleeping Giant of Sanity…

Will America Finally Yell



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