BobLee versus Ol’ Roy. Well, since you asked…

February24/ 2016

Frequent Reader/Commenter GWC posted the following question/comment on the Roy Brouhaha Column on Wed AM. I have decided to give my reply a higher visibility than simply a Reply buried in the Comment section.  GWC is correct.  Others may have the same curiosity he does about BobLee regularly demeaning Ol’ Roy.

WARNING: This column is longer than Sam Perkins’ wingspan. Blame it on GWC’s many questions.

Here is GWC’s original comment:

10:24 AM Wed
Saying that I’m ” giving Roy way too much credit” on top of all your past Roy-criticisms begs the question , what is it that REALLY gets in your craw about Roy ? …. Why exactly do you regularly demean him . …. Is it his western North Carolina heritage versus your eastern ? …. Or his income stream ? …. Is it his coaching record against Coach “K” ? ….. Is it because he turned UNC down the first time around ? …. Because he only played JV ball ? …. Jealous of his NCAA Championship rings ? ….. Is he a pal of Dickie’s ? …. Or do you KNOW he was personally involved in the paper classes up to his almost-center-forehead comb line ? ….. There HAS to be a basis for your being inherently anti-Roy besides giving the ABC’ers something to slobber over and I’m guessing there are a lot of your readers who are curious to know .


EXCELLENT Questions GWC. Some are Quite Bizarre, but I like Bizarre. I’ll do my best to answer each of the segments you note. Most of which have me saying “Damn, does he really think THAT ….?” But apparently you do; or you would not have posed them.

This is MY Website.  Anything I post here is always My Opinion unless I link specifically to the opinions of others. I am not associated with any “real media organization” or any fan base site. My several sponsors have no agenda other than human beings seeing their ads. They could care less how TGU is resolved or what TGU even means.  They don’t know Roy Williams from Esther Williams.

This website is going into its 17th-18th year of providing on-line food-for-thought-and/or-entertainment. Over 2,000 “incredibly insightful columns” many of which are indeed related to the endless games of “solitaire with a deck of 51” a/k/a “pissing contests” between area college sports fan bases.

I was NOT able to prevent Duke Lacrosse or John & Rielle or TGU (The Great Unpleasantness) or “Trainwreck” Fennebresque from knee-capping The UNC BOG. I do what I do hoping it spikes enough interest that I’m not a modern day Edmund Dantes all alone in a cyber Chateau d’if.  Roy would have no clue what “that” meant but neither do many of you…. sigh.

IF sheer viewer #s was ever my objective, I would have picked one specific cage of board monkeys (fan base) and fed them “raw meat” 24/7. I am confident that my oh-so-clever wordsmithing could have indeed made me an “Internet Legend” in their goggled & crossed eyes. It would not have mattered which group of BMs. Board monkeys is board monkeys is board monkeys all with their DNA helixes tied in granny knots….. making Tru-Blues “slobber” is every bit as easy as however ABCers react to this website.  Probably easier.  The greatly inflated egos of many Tru-Blues would be easy pickings.

I am a diploma-ed alumnus of UNC-CH. For much of my adult life I considered myself “a Carolina fan”. BUT….. I NEVER bought into “The Carolina Way” Bull**** because I always saw it as Pure Bull****.

Pride in one’s college – one’s hometown – one’s style of barbecue – et al is one thing and “a good thing”. The Carolina Way Holier-than-Thou crap is absurd and reflects an incredibly shallow World View…. IMO. I saw that long before “Marvin Hit SEND” and some of us actually learned to spell Nyang’oro.

I could digress MUCH more, and may some day, but lets get to your specific questions about BobLee demeaning Roy.

I “think” you started visiting here inside the past two years. ….via a mutual friend.  I “think” I know more about you than you know about me.  I could be wrong. I don’t mean that in any negative way but it helps me to understand why you pose the assumptions you make here.Dick Baddour

I do not “hate” Roy Williams despite the fact I regularly lampoon (demean) him for ridiculously bizarre stuff he continually says or does. Hell, I don’t “hate” Dickie Baddour.  I do “blame” Dickie for 90% of “The Scandal” because as Athletics Director for 17+ years he was suppose to be the Admin Firewall to prevent the blatant academic abuses and institutional film flams that were taking place on his watch.  Being knee-walking drunk 24/7 on Carolina Way rot-gut prevented him (Dickie) from doing his job as The Firewall.

Instead Dickie’s constant total reassurances to his up-line – Chancellors, Trustees, BOGs – provided “cover” for the EligiManson Familybility Scam originally set in place by Dean’s Manson Family – Deborah Crowder & Burgess McSwain. With ANY sort of competent “institutional steward” as an AD, their scam would have been uncovered and power-washed A LOOONG TIME ago.

Dickie’s abject incompetence cost MY FRIEND Holden Thorp his Dream Job. Sure, I warned Holden that Dickie was clueless about pretty much everything so he (HT) is accountable for the results of trusting him (DB). HT is probably better off now than he might have been at UNC…. and DB is fat and happy with “the single largest pension in UNC history” or so I’ve been told by South Bldg insiders.  Who says Life Is Fair?

You may have figured out that BubbaTheRealAD Cunningham is a friend of mine. As is Rams Club rainmaker & UNC FB Legend – Don McCauley.  There are other friends “over there” of lesser renown. Yes, my columns may occasionally make their jobs a bit more difficult but I am not delusional to the INsignificance of this website in the Big Picture.

The handful of UNC Fat Cats who will ante up the $20,000,000 for that ridiculous IPF will not hesitate because I post that it is “plum foolish” to do so. Sure an orphanage or Childrens Hospital might be a bit more “humanitarian” recipient but would not give them the Bragging Rights over their peers that they so cherish. BobLee is NOT preventing The Sleeping Giant from achieving its Manifest Destiny. I wish ….

Back to Me & Roy….

FIRST:  Jim Martin said Roy Williams was “way too busy to meet” with him – a former Governor.   Ergo, I’m purty sure “what some guy named BobLee Said” on that Internet do-hickey has never been on Roy’s Give-A-Damn List.  I COULD BE wrong but I’m not.

Is Roy “evil” or a threat to anyone or anything?  Heavens NO.  Roy is “just a basketball coach”.  IMO, he is goofy as an outhouse mouse, but thats no “crime”.  The assorted “malfeasances of omission and commission” deserve “appropriate consequences” and rabid partisans surely differ on THAT; but if Roy is simply frog-marched “away” to a remote golf course to spend his remaining days trying to hit a one-iron, that’s fine with me.  NO ONE EVER really gets punished at UNC-CH.  That’s been proven time and again.

###Roy KU

I 100% applauded Roy’s “I’m staying” Moment when he first rejected his Prodigal Son Responsibility. He showed me he had learned that Heaven has many forms other than UNC / Chapel Hill. He had found fame, fortune and friends in Lawrence KS. Attaboy Roy. I wrote several columns around that time praising Roy’s integrity and courage in his decision. So much for THAT assumption….

Me – Eastern NC versus Roy – Western NC “thing”…. I’ve never heard of such “a thing”. Is it Official? Where is the dividing line…. I-77 or where? Is it a barbecue thing? I’ll ask my barbecue expert John Shelton Reed for an official ruling. So much for THAT one….

Am I jealous of Roy’s “income stream”? ….. One of my dearest friends made over $40,000,000 last year and has done similarly for 15+ years.  My only “jealousy” towards him came when he got to meet both Ann-Margret AND Bo Derek about 20 years ago. YOWSA! Even then, I would NOT trade places with him. …. as to Roy’s $2.5M or whatever…. I do think, silly me, that for “that kinda money” he oughta be aware of what’s going on within his staff which is smaller than a typical McDonald’s restaurant. Of course Rick Pitino makes twice what Roy makes and he has no clue about his operation either. ….. strange bizness ???

Roy’s Coaching Acumen and Record….. I have absolutely no clue what “a ball screen” is or any of the technical aspects of coaching basketball or football. I am the LAST person to ever 2nd-guess any aspect of Roy Williams’ coaching style or decisions. I applaud his success…. his rings…. his well-deserved Hall Of Fame recognition.  95% of those who DO routinely 2nd-guess Roy know as little or less about “it” than I freely admit to. ….. Roy versus K: What IS Roy’s record versus K? I do know K has more “rings” but that’s as much as I care about it. If I had to know such stats I would simply call “my buddy Art Chansky”.   I fell asleep in the first five minutes of last week’s GREATEST RIVALRY IN ALL OF SPORTS. What does THAT tell you about my priorities?

Because he (Roy) only played JV ball??  Huh? I have NO CLUE what that is suppose to indicate. GWC, you and I view UNC Athletics on VERY VERY different levels. To me it is simply “column fodder”. I suspect it may be much more visceral / spiritual to you. Bob Kennel is that way about his Wolfpack. You and BK are certainly not alone in your “spiritual attachment” to the outcomes of your alma mater’s “games”.   I excommunicated myself from That Church around 1984.

I think I’ve covered most of your “Is its” list. I am surprised you didn’t think of the Mizzou vs KU rivalry as possibly being a factor. It isn’t, but would be before “because he played JV ball”. Jeeeze.

GWC, I am on record as NOT believing “Dean Smith was born in a manger” nor do I believe the stone has rolled away from wherever he is buried. If I don’t worship St Dean The Omnificent, I sure don’t consider Roy Williams above poking fun at.

There is no coach, politician, business executive, or athlete living or dead that I “worship” or ascribe any ethereal qualities to.  My closest friends are all flawed which adds to their charm. I think they view me likewise.

GWC, following college sports, especially Carolina Sports, is likely a long-standing hobby of yours. It is for many people. ….. Observing & Predicting Human Behavior is my long-standing hobby; which has become my vocation via this wesite.

Be it UNC, NCSU, DUKE, The Pros, UNC BOG etc etc etc …. or a local cafeteria or upon the passing of an old friend. Oh and absolutely with Politics on all sides of the aisle. The Upcoming Nuclear Holocaust between Evil Donald versus Hilly Beast is going to be UN-FREAKIN-BELIEVABLE.

Somewhere in these 1500 words (LORDY!) I hope I have helped you figure out The BobLee & Roy Thing. It is not necessary that you, or anyone else, “agree with me”. Good thing, huh? I don’t ask permission to express my opinion. And, yes, those provocative opinions have shortened my Christmas card list a bit over the years. Both a blessing and a curse.

GWC, if you are still curious I would be delighted to meet you for lunch or whatever anywhere in the Greater Triangle…. or do you live in GSBO, I’m not sure? If you’re in GSBO but do get over this way…. I’m usually available on rather short notice UNLESS Roy has just said something goofy….. and I just HAVE to write about it. ☺

Congratulations to anyone who actually made it all the way to this end. Now Get A Life!  🙂

PS: Please tell me at least ONE of you got “Dean’s Manson Family”. That one was worth the admission price.


But Wait.  There’s More!



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