Jennifer Aniston To Play… A WHAT ???

Jennifer Aniston
January31/ 2016

HOLY JERRY McGUIRE, BATMAN…. Jennifer Aniston is going to play “a sports agent” in an upcoming movie.Jennifer Aniston

No word if Jenn’s upcoming sports-themed movie role will be in any way similar to “the nympho-Dentist” in Horrible Bosses I & II…. or the “the stripper” in The Millers.  OH MY! …. I’m going to bet the story is NOT based on the Life of Jimma Sexton.

Q:  OK, BL…. are you just posting this as “click bait”?

A:  Absolutely Not!  If that were the case I would post the current Ronda Rousey’s Body Paint article.

This website “has standards”.


Report: Jennifer Aniston to play sports agent in new movie

Jennifer Aniston, best known for her role as Rachel Karen Green in NBC’s “Friends” as well as roles in “The Break-Up,” “We’re the Millers,” “Cake,” both “Horrible Bosses” movies and “Marley & Me,” has signed to star in a new movie “The Fixer.”JenniAnis

According to The Wrap, Aniston will play Denise White who was a former Miss USA contestant who became a top sports agent and founded her own company, Entertainers & Athletes Group.

White is a former broadcaster who decided to go into career management for athletes. Variety says White’s clients have included Vince Young, Tony Gonzalez, Brandon Marshall and DeSean Jackson.

White represented Oregon in the 1994 Miss USA pageant and won the Congeniality Award.

The team that is producing “The Fixer” is the same one that brought “Cake” to fruition which  brought some critical acclaim and some Oscar buzz to Aniston. This movie follows White’s rise in the sports agent field which has been chronicled in the iconic Tom Cruise movie, “Jerry Maguire.”

Fox 2000 is producing the movie. There’s no word as to when the movie will begin production and/or when it will be released to the American viewing public.


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