“handful of angry snowflakes” invade UNC BOG Meeting

January26/ 2016

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No, this zombie mob picture are NOT “the UNC whiners”.  They didn’t look this good.

Only 24 – “about two dozen” – junior anarchists from the “embattled Flagship” did their usual LOOK AT US… WE ARE STOOWhiner MobPID LITTLE SNOWFLAKES act again at Tuesday’s UNC BOG meeting.

Yes, I know the “drive-bys” want you to believe it was “a mob”.  It wasn’t.  Just about 24 sad little “misfit-toys”.  The same little bunch of misfit toys that protest everything at UNC….. yawn.

OF COURSE, a sycophant media – led by Jim Goodmon’s Goons and McClatchey’s news-weasels – were on hand (outnumbering the whiners!) to promote the latest antics of these pathetic pinheads.

The Goodmon-WRAL / McClatchey-N&O media goons could care less about the sniveling whiners… but the media goons hate the Republican-dominated Board of Governors with all the toxic venom they can muster…. so they promote the whining anarchists.UnderRoos

Yes, the whiners still have their little Under-Roos all in a twist over “that Bush Woman” being the incoming President of The UNC System. ….  But if it wasn’t Margaret Spellings it would be something else.   Whining is all these losers have been trained to do.

This micro-mini-mob of pre-millennial whiners (1) couldn’t get prom dates…. (2) have no marketable life skills…. and (3) face a bleak future of being the very last dogs in Life’s sled team. …. and they know it.   No wonder they are terminally constipated.  That it’s totally their own fault assures their dismal fate.

A significant % of the “coupla dozen” are part of a group of MEGA-CRAZIES who call themselves UNControllables…. these loonies go around Chapel Hill destroying surveillance cameras and generally disrupting society as much as a handful of junior jackasses can.  Yes, they HAVE received funding in the past from The University.  THAT surprises you Why?

But it’s just two dozen of’em.   Even “Bully” Barber can rustle up a few more than that for his sideshows.



Student protest disrupts UNC Board of Governors meeting

Posted 9:04 a.m. today


Chapel Hill, N.C. — Students protesting program cuts and the hiring of a former U.S. education secretary as the next president of the University of North Carolina system disrupted the UNC Board of Governors meeting Tuesday morning.

UNC-Chapel Hill police had to forcibly remove some of the two dozen or so chanting protesters from the board room, and four people were later charged with disrupting an official meeting and resisting an officer.

Protesters said they want the board to put more resources toward historically black colleges and universities, such as Elizabeth City State University, which has had problems in the past few years.

Plummeting enrollment at the college sparked talks of closing the school, and Chancellor Stacey Franklin Jones resigned last month after being in the post for only 15 months. In the last five years, enrollment at ECSU has dropped by more than half, and tuition revenue declined 21 percent.
The board on Tuesday named Thomas Conway, a former vice chancellor and chief of staff at Fayetteville State University, as Jones’ successor.

Many Board of Governors members attended the meeting via conference call, and students chanting “Stand up, fight back” sat in the members’ empty seats and used microphones at the board table to amplify their protest. When the board went into recess to let the protest die down, a student grabbed the gavel from the chairman’s seat and banged it on the board table to provide a beat for the students’ “No justice, no peace” chant.

UNC Loonie(NOTE: This androgynous loonie was reportedly “screeching like a rabid raccoon”.)

Campus police then broke up the demonstration, forcing students to leave. Other protesters cursed at the officers and the Board of Governors while recording the episode on their cellphones.

Tuesday’s meeting was also the first meeting of the Board of Governors since former UNC President Tom Ross was forced to step down. Margaret Spellings, the new president, wasn’t in attendance, though, as she has not officially taken over.

Protesters are also upset about Spellings’ hiring, which they said was done without transparency. She previously served as education secretary under former President George W. Bush.

“We’ve tried going though other channels, but they haven’t listened,” said Mich Xia, a sophomore at UNC-Chapel Hill. “We don’t want Margaret Spellings here.”

The board meeting was originally scheduled at North Carolina A&T State University for last Friday but was postponed due to winter weather conditions.


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5 years ago

My thoughts, for what they are worth: (1) Why do the campus police allow these wackos entry into the building in the first place? (2) Why aren’t these protestors prosecuted either by the local DA or by the UNC student honor court? (3) How did these so-called students get admitted in the first place? Affirmative action at work? (4) Why is the BOG still spending money on ECSU instead of closing it down or converting it to a technical school or community college, at best? Responsible folks are not only fed-up with the protestors, but the BOG as well. When… Read more »

Agent Pierce
Agent Pierce
5 years ago
Reply to  David

The BOG meetings are, by law, “open” except for personnel matters. That applies to most “state-operations”. . A LOT of the do-nothingness can be attributed to Fennebresque who was GAWD AWFUL but now gone. I get good reports about his successor Lou Bissette. Hopefully Margaret Spellings will be allowed to function. Her first few months are going to be non-stop craziness from these numbnutz. . only 1-2 of the UNC HBCUs are viable institutions. The rest are nothing but Reparational tokenism. ElizState should, at least, be converted to a satellite campus of ECU to save mega admin $$$. . To… Read more »

5 years ago

My daughter is in her third year at James Madison University. While all theses precious snow flakes are protesting in various colleges and universities across America, she’s been interviewing for internships. She has no time for that nonsense. I feel tears of pride welling up as I write this. Maybe it’s because she attends the university named for the author of the Constitution and our fourth president.

Agent Pierce
Agent Pierce
5 years ago
Reply to  Chip

I bet her exemplary behavior is more a credit to her parents than to The Founding Fathers. Congrats! 🙂

5 years ago

What conclusions am I supposed to draw from the fact that enrollment at ECSU has dropped by more than half, but tuition is only down 21%?  Shouldn’t the numbers be similar?  For that matter, if enrollment drops by half, but tuition only drops 21%, doesn’t that mean the school has too many resources now?  Or am I thinking too much?

Agent Pierce
Agent Pierce
5 years ago
Reply to  tarspartan

ECSU should be a satellite campus of ECU which would save significant admin $$$… but THAT makes too much sense. Pouring “good $$$” into 90% of the HBCUs is total waste.

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