New LSU DefCoor gets Mega $$$$….

January24/ 2016

The new Defensive Coordinator at LSU, a guy named Dave Aranda recently from Wisconsin, got a 120% pay raise to move to Baton Rogue…. up to $1,200,000 which is: DaveAranda2

$100,000 per regular season game…. or

$25,000 per quarter…. or

about $1,500 per minute…. or

about $3,500 per minute LSU is “on defense”.

Should Power Five schools start offering “majors” in Coordinating?

Dave was only making $500,000 to draw Xs and Os for The Badgers (which is also-ran $$$ among Big 10 DefCoors).   Now at $1.2M/per for a guaranteed three years, Dave is the 4th highest paid X/O guy in The SEC. …. regardless of what happens to Les Miles.

Such drunken sailor spending among The Juggernauts means the Juggernaut Wannabees will be following suit ASAP.

Those Juggernaut Wannabees being everybody in the ACC not named Clemson or Florida State.

So Dave now makes twice as much as “Chizik”.   Gene did not join up with Larry “for the money” so he’s likely not DEMANDING the big bucks….. but ya never know.


LSU New DefCoor Gets Hefty Raise

Originally posted on Gamedayr  |  By Amber Couzo  |  Last updated 1/23/16

LSU hired former Wisconsin defensive coordinator Dave Aranda three weeks ago to replace Kevin Steele. Aranda made a big change, but probably for good reason as he is reportedly getting a very flexible contract to do his thing for the Tigers.

According to the Baton Rouge Advocate, LSU’s Board of Supervisors are meeting later this month to set up a three-year, $3.75 million contract for the new defensive coordinator. The contract guarantees Aranda a salary of $1.2 million in his first year, followed by raises of $50,000 in the following two years. Aranda will also receive $165,000 upfront from the Tiger Athletic Foundation, $65,000 of which will go toward his buyout from Wisconsin.

Aranda is reportedly the only assistant coach with no contractual ties with head coach Les Miles. Every other assistant’s contract ends six months after Miles receives notice of termination or decides to leave.

This hefty contract comes with a bunch of other perks that can be found on the original report by the Baton Rouge Advocate.

Salary-wise, however, Aranda is gracing the top of the lists with his introductory $1.2 million.

According to USA Today‘s coaching salary database, the highest-paid defensive coordinators in the SEC last season were Auburn’s Will Muschamp (($1.6 million), Alabama’s Kirby Smart ($1.501 million), Texas A&M’s John Chavis ($1.5 million), Georgia’s Jeremy Pruitt ($1.3 million) and Steele ($1.005 million). Muschamp and Smart left for head-coaching jobs at South Carolina and Georgia, respectively, while Pruitt replaced Smart at ‘Bama.NBC Sports

In 2015, Aranda’s salary was $522,000, at the bottom of the totem pole of 13 Big Ten schools. He’s making a huge leap, potentially becoming the fourth-highest paid defensive coordinator in the SEC.


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