Fat Cats DEMAND Influence; but then….

Rich Fat Cats
January06/ 2016

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Fat Cats Demand INFLUENCE; But …..

Rich Fat Cats

 then run & hide from Accountability.

PodcastGuyXXEric Hyman resigned last Tuesday as Athletic Director at Texas A&M.   He was making over $1,000,000/yr.  He came to College Station in 2012 from being AD at South Carolina and before that at TCU where he was National Ath Dir of The Year in 2004 and is a former President of the Nat College Ath Director Assn.

Way before that Eric was an All-ACC Defensive Tackle for Bill Dooley at Carolina in the McCauley, Bunting, Swofford Era of the very early 70s.   Eric was also on Todd Turner’s Ath Dept staff at NC State during those turbulent days.

His abrupt resignation surprised the A&M Community and College Sports followers.  On Monday Hyman had given a Vote of Confidence to beleaguered A&M FB coach Kevin Sumlin.

Sumlin was hired from Houston by Hyman’s predecessor six months before Eric joined Tex AM in June 2012…. four months later Tex AM celebrated a Historic Victory over Alabama in Tuscaloosa — led by a redshirt Freshman named Johnny Manziel.   The Aggies went on to a 11-2 record and overnight Kevin Sumlin became THE Next Big Thing in College FB…. his name was on every short list oin College & The NFL….

Afraid their Great Coach would leave, Aggie Fat Cats pressured Eric to “lock him in” so Eric Did as they told him too…. with a 5 Mill salary for six years with a $20,000,000 2-way buy-out – if he left OR if he was fired. ….

and Kevin Sumlin and Aggie FB have stumbled ever since with two mediocre seasons…  Their locker room is in total chaos with highly touted recruits transferring…. and “bad boy” incidents are frequent.

Now Aggie Fat Cats want Kevin Sumlin gone ….. but the deal they “locked him into” makes it impossible even for mega-wealthy Aggie Fat Cats.

Eric has overseen a $100,000,000 upgrade of A&M sports facilities especially legendary Kyle Field.  Olympic Sports are flourishing and graduation rates at an all-time high …. but mediocre FB is apparently all that matters.

Eric Hyman did exactly what Aggie Fat Cats told him to do ….. and ended up abruptly “resigning” on Tuesday as a result.

….. Deep-Pocketed Fat Cats demand INFLUENCE …. but run and hide from ACCOUNTABILITY for that influence when it turns sour.

Exactly like what happened at UNC when The BOT 3 hired Butch Davis but were nowhere to be seen when THAT decision turned sour. …. John Blake WHO ???

Til Next Time.

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