“…. and gold caps on his teeth” !!

December28/ 2015

“…. and gold caps on his teeth.” – OUCH!Gangsta-gold-teeth13

I don’t understand “mouth art” or body art and piercings in general so this story is well outside my “get it” bubble.   I certainly don’t relate to the average day in the life of an AfAm pro athlete.

If I chronicled every report of a pro athlete involved in some altercation at “a club” it would be all I would chronicle.  They only happen on days ending in “y”.    It may surprise you that I am also NOT a participant in “the club scene”….. “gentlemen’s” or otherwise.  But having one’s gold caps stolen has to (1) hurt a lot…. and (2) repeat #1.   Getting shot in the knee can’t be “a good thing” either.

…. and I’ve never known a “Cleanthony” either.  Is it any wonder I feel no tangential attachment to the NBA?

Rapper – 50 Cent – is vowing to recover Celanthony’s gold caps.   Apparenty “50” has connections among NYC’s teeth thieves …. ????

PS:  OK, I do understand “fooling around in the backseat”.




Knicks player shot and robbed outside club in NYC

New York Knicks forward Cleanthony Early was shot just after he left a Queens strip club early Wednesday, police sources said.Cityscapes club

Early, a 24-year-old Bronx native, was held up by up to six thugs — at least one wearing a ski mask — after leaving CityScapes gentleman’s club on 58th Street in Maspeth with his girlfriend, law enforcement sources said.

Early had dinner with his gal pal in SoHo before arriving at CityScapes about 1:30 a.m., sources said. They jumped into an Uber at 4:15 a.m. and began fooling around in the back seat, not paying attention to where the car was going, sources said.

The cab drove a short distance to an industrial area, in front of 64-70 Maurice Ave., before three cars boxed the vehicle in, sources said.

There were four to six men inside those cars and two men — one masked, one not masked — pulled Early and his girlfriend out of the car, sources said.

One of the men demanded, “give me everything you got”including the gold caps in Early’s teeth. Early forked over the caps, cash, two gold chains with medallions and an iPhone6.

Early was shot once in the right knee, sources said. He was taken to Elmhurst Hospital in stable condition.

The 6-foot-8 basketball player was drafted in the second round, out of Wichita State, by the Knicks in 2014.


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