Forget Star Wars… Here Comes UNVERIFIED

UNC Fraud
December17/ 2015

The rest of The Milky Way Galaxy might be distracted by Star Wars: The Force Awakens – the upcoming new adventures of Luke, Darth, Princess Leia, Han, Chewbacca, etc….

But along scenic Franklin Street all the cinema buzz is for “UNVERIFIED The Documentary” …. re: The Great Unpleasantness.   Opening January 8, in time for this year’s Oscars.


Former “learning specialist” Bradley “Cecil B. de” Bethel has become a cult hero of sorts to what is left of The Carolina Way-ites Directorover  in Chapel Hill.   The learning specialist / cult hero / documentarian vows his “tell all” movie – a year in the making – will set the record straight about “The Scheme” a/k/a TGU – The Great Unpleasantness.

I have never met the former learning specialist turned filmmaker.  I haven’t visited his website nor ever conversed with any member of his cult of true blue believers.  Other than his remarks in several WCHL interviews, I have no clue what tact he is taking with his upcoming opus.

I “think” his angle could be:

“Something happened” but it was… just two nice ladies trying to do a good thing.

An Old Well version of Arsenic & Old Lace with Deborah Crowder and Burgess McSwain as the homicidal “Brewster Sisters”- Abby & Martha… and Ol’ Roy as quite nutty brother Teddy running up the stairs yelling CHAAARGE.

Arsenic 2Arsenic in The Old Well … ??

Wanna bet that my friends “That Damn Dan” Kane and Mary The Whistleblower will NOT be portrayed heroically?

Wonder if James Earl Jones’ voice will be used for “Darth” Dan?

Who will play Jennifer The Tutor….. and Uncle Julius ….

Will Rashad McCants play himself…. Will Tiki Girl Amber get a cameo?

Will Dr Debbie Don’t Do Lunch get to wear Princess Leia’s slave girl costume.

and…. Will The Butcher finally learn…. “Who is John Blake”?

I have not (yet) received my VIP comp invite to the premiere so I will be passing on the Blue Carpet extravaganza.  Did you REALLY think it would be a RED Carpet?Cheated

I am going waaaaay out on a limb here and predict…..  Every living member of The Cult of The Carolina Way is going to be “hanging from the rafters” in pure undiluted ecstasy upon leaving the theater.  They will NOT be “Cheated” from seeing / hearing EXACTLY what they want to see and hear.

No word on whether NCAA Poobah Mark Emmert, or The Swoff, has received an invite.



Documentary on UNC Scandal Set to Premiere Jan. 8

— The athletic scandal at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has been headline news for years. But a former academic advisor says the media and the university have gotten the story wrong, and he is making a film about it.Bradley Bethel

Bradley Bethel calls his film “Unverified,” a personal, human story. He became an academic advisor to athletes at UNC-Chapel Hill in 2011, shortly after the scandal broke, and left earlier this year. He says he’s taking on the media, investigators and the university on behalf of his colleagues.

 “I saw unverified claims being propagated in the media,” he said. “My narrative is that it wasn’t an athletics-driven scandal.”

He argues the media misrepresented the scandal where UNC used no-show paper classes to help keep athletes eligible. Bethel says he’s most driven to defend fellow academic counselors fired over accusations they knowingly took part in the fraud.

“I hope to show that good people were unfairly blamed,” he said.

For the first time, the documentary includes interviews with counselors Jamie Lee and Beth Bridger. Lee says she was “just trying to help students get through college.”

Bethel says he doesn’t deny there was a scandal but says UNC admitted too many student athletes who needed remedial help.

“Being academically under prepared for UNC is not the same as being illiterate,” he said.

Bethel says he believes easy paper classes graded and guided by administrative assistant Debbie Crowder lacked oversight. He says he’s not a UNC apologist.

“When you see the film, you’ll see I am critical of UNC,” he said, adding that he believes the university skipped over administrators and blamed counselors. “This is a complicated story that requires a lot of nuance, and I don’t think there are just good guys and bad guys.”

“This has never been about protecting banners for me,” Bethel added. “This is about the good people I think who were misrepresented and scapegoated.”

After raising about $175,000 for the film, Bethel is using Kickstarter to get another $16,000 for post production and promotional costs. “Unverified” is set to premier at the Varsity Theater in Chapel Hill on Jan. 8.



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