Is ECU “…. a Laughingstock”?

ECU Pirates
December07/ 2015

Former “revered by many” ECU FB Coach Ruffin McNeill says ECU is now a laughingstock” for hoECU Piratesw he was unceremoniously dumped to the complete surprise of pretty much everyone who has any interest in ECU Athletics.

Allowing that every pancake no matter how thin has two sides…. no really substantive reason has been given by ECU PTBs in the wake of McNeill’s dismissal.  Nor has a successor been named.  Uh Oh!

NOTE:  TWO media opinions are linked below here…. of differing perspectives.

That no replacement has been named in the first 3-4 days causes observers to question if ECU has missed on their top 1-2 choices to replace Ruff.  Comparison to “Dickie’s” Blunder” with Frank Beamer then scrambling for John Bunting might be whats emerging from G-Vegas.

Whoever they wind up with will, of course, have been “Our 1st Choice all along”It ALWAYS is.   🙂

Zapping Ruff certainly surprised me, but I don’t pretend to know the inner workings of ECU Athletics.

BREAKING NEWS:    Ruffin named Asst HC at Virginia.

BREAKING NEWS 2:  Duke’s Scottie Montgomery To Be ECU Next HFC.



Has Pirates’ Ship Sailed ??

By Al Myatt
All rights reserved.


It’s been a week since Ruffin McNeill was fired as football coach at East Carolina. Athletic director Jeff Compher said he made the decision days before the announcement was publicized so he actually had some lead time to do preparation for finding a replacement.

No press conference has been scheduled and a dead period for recruiting is approaching. The longer Compher searches, the less likely he is going to be successful on ECU’s behalf.

When you don’t get your top choice and you keep going down the list, the process is obviously not going to conclude as fast.

Perhaps Compher has conducted a round of initial interviews and is zeroing in on his guy.

But maybe he’s whiffed on former Auburn coach Gene Chizik and he’s trying to sort out the best available move.

It’s kind of like when N.C. State made a pitch for John Calipari and wound up with Sidney Lowe. Or when North Carolina appeared to have enticed Frank Beamer away from Virginia Tech but ended up turning to John Bunting.

When you don’t reel in the big fish, coaching changes can have dubious value.

Compher is dealing with a situation of his own creation. The reluctance of any coach to be next up in a program where many revered McNeill and can’t fathom his termination is understandable. It’s a far cry from an ideal career move.

……Ruffin McNeill

“You realize we’re the laughing stock of college football, right?” McNeill asked Thursday. “I went to the National Football Foundation Hall of Fame with Donnie. … From Bob Stoops (Oklahoma), Dabo Swinney (Clemson) – all of ’em, all of ’em were like ‘What the … ?’ … Gene Chizik and all them. And Compher was not at that deal. He was not there. …

“We’re the laughing stock,” McNeill said again. “We’re the laughing stock of college football. East Carolina is. The laughing stock.”


Another Opinion …. Ruffin’s Fate was “a matter on inches” …..



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4 years ago

Scottie Montgomery to ECU. This will be like watching brand new episodes of Flip Or Flop. The past few days without cfb games except Army-Navy, I am guilty of being a peeping tom over on the Bonehead Banter board. It was superlative reading. More fun than_______ Just fill in the blank. ??

4 years ago

I always did like for my date to buy me a few drinks before getting comphered.

Old MacDonald
Old MacDonald
4 years ago

I’m surprised that you have not exploited the State-UNC angle … Compher is a Todd Turner protoge’. He seems to be doing a Turneresque job. Also Turner’s “coach search firm” (whatever that is) was hired by Compher to help fill this vacancy. (!) Lots of jokes and comments to be had — I am pressed for time so I’ll leave them to you …

4 years ago

Charlie Foxtrot. SNAFU, FUBAR.
No insider but even those not opposed to the coaching change (~75%) think this is a massive CF. A friend was having lunch with a ECU revenue sport HBC when the news hit. His lunch partner laughed thinking it was a ho-ax until his phone started blowing up and my friend said his lunch date starting suddenly turning pale. At the news conference the AD said he expected his coaches to compete for championships. At this point I think the swimming team coach might be the only safe coach. ?

4 years ago
Reply to  BobLee

It appears big fish/small pond, internal (eternal?) politics did in TH. JC appears to prefer staying in the background which, based on his presser last week, is probably wise. Reminds one of a bland government technocrat. You’ve seen the type a million times and they seem to be everywhere these days. I’ve not met or been around him and he might be a great guy but he doesn’t come off as warm and fuzzy and seems to be very serious about himself so take my opinion with a grain of salt. HH might have a totally different take.

4 years ago

Here is an additional column by Jimmy Lewis of the Wilson Times:—Missed-inches-define-Ruffin-McNeill-era

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