“So… Did ya hear the one about the guy _____”

Pearl Bailey
December07/ 2015

So, did ya hear the one about _____:

The guy who was half-Black and half-Japanese?

Every December 7….. He attacked Pearl Bailey.


There are very few “Pearl Harbor jokes” for rather obvious reasons.   This one requires both (1) a knowledge of why December 7 is significant….. and (2) who that heck was Pearl Bailey.


Pearl Bailey

Ms Bailey was a black singer / entertainer popular in the 50-60s….. a regular on The Ed Sullivan Show.  In the same genre as Eartha Kitt, Lena Horne, Sarah Vaughan, and often confused with Mahalia Jackson.

Trivia Question:  What do Pearl Bailey, Carol Channing and Barbra Streisand all have in common?

Never bother trying this one to an audience of millennials.  Actually there is “a LOT” you should never bother trying to an audience of millennials.


PS:  If this offends you, I do apologize; but it’s probably not the first (or last) time that’s happened to you here.


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4 years ago

No one in the world confused Pearl Bailey with Mahalia Jackson.
Pearl Bailey, lazy jazz and blues. Mahalia Jackson, powerful Gospel voice.
Oh, the question, they all played Dolly on Broadway?

58 Wolf Kennel
58 Wolf Kennel
4 years ago

What a sucker I am. Missed all your good commenters about the UNC-CH -Clemson game Saturday night. Bad enough that I greeted our Carolina undergrads Pastor and Associate Pastor Sunday morning with my classic, “We Wuz Robbed” !!
For your groaners, “Why does a dog running down the beach remind us of Christmas? He has Sandy Claws !!!” ;>))

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