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November30/ 2015

A number of you have been asking me …. What did I think about what Dave Doeren said about: doeren 2
(I‘m paraphrasing) –

“NC State is a blue-collar school built by real men who stick their hands in the dirt…… blah blah yadda yadda …. (again, not a direct word/word quote)

The implication inferred being NC State has a long tradition of “real men”….. not a bunch of silver-spooned panty waists like they are over yonder at UNC.

Apparently Doeren said that a year ago AFTER the Wolfpack walloped The Fedorians.   I kind of recall it…. but the TV guys on Saturday decided to play it up for whatever reason…. repeating the quotes and showing the text several times in the early going.

So, what did I think about him saying THAT?

About what I would think if Larry Fedora said…. Larry Fedora

“I hear State will be driving their tractors over to Chapel Hill about 3:30.   I hope they clean up any cow pies they drop…..”

In both cases, the head coaches were playing to the lowest common denominator of their own fan bases’ intellect.… AND to the lowest common denominator of the rival fan base’s intellect.   Throwing raw meat to his rabid board monkey faction who will always gobble it up….. Yum Yum Eat’em Up.

In both cases, I betcha – neither Doeren and Fedora – before they formally arrived at NCState / UNC had absolutely no clue about the well-worn trite stereotypes regarding each school.   I guarantee you David Cutcliffe was not aware “all Duke students are Jews from New Jersey”.

Q:  How does a carpetbagger coach -“not from around here” – learn those good ol’ local taunts?

A:  A new coach will quickly develop a relationship with several carry-over staff – usually an SID or booster club guy – who will, over time, bring him up-to-speed on local customs and mores.

If the SID / Booster Club guy believes the they’re all abuncha _____ rival crap then maybe the new coach will be foolish enough to buy into it….. OR simply pretend to while he is at that school.  I believe most opt for the “while in Rome, pretend you are a Roman” theory.  To do otherwise would be foolish.

In Doeren’s case…. (1) learn that little finger thingy and (2) who our 1-2 primary “hate’em” rivals are ….. and (3) WHY we hate’em.    As quickly as possible he starts using that new knowledge at booster meeting and in local interviews. ….. his yokel faction eats it up.

No different for Fedora playing to his yokel faction.

Tell the Great Unwashed want they want to hear….

Sound advice for coaches, politicians and all other forms of smoke-blowing con men.

Does Doeren really “believe it” about the difference between State and Carolina?   Maybe / Probably….. but who cares if he does or not.

Since Doeren and Fedora recruit the same in-state kids, surely he is not insulting the players.

Is he saying “farmers” are simply better people than lawyers, doctors, dentists, accountants, teachers, etc.?  I believe one of our regular commenters here implied just that a month or so ago ???  Seems a bit heavy with the broadbrush for me.

Does he (DD) think all NC State graduates are “dirt farmers”?   If so Coach Doeren needs to sit down with Kennel, Chancy Randy and ’68 for a re-education about STEM schools curriculum.   Even “Earl from JoCo” knows better than that.

If asked, I would suggest all coaches stick to saying strong positives about the school that employs him and its alumni/fans…. which Doeren’s comment does.  That it might have irked rival fans…. is not his problem.   If the situation were reversed I would expect the same reaction from any thin-skinned fans being “irked”.  We live in an era of the “very easily irked”.

If I have to resort to trite negative stereotypes to describe both fan bases…. it would be:

NC State: …. Paranoid to a fault.   Forever whining about “no respect” and getting “short-changed” by ___ and ___ and ____ because _____.

Carolina: …. Arrogant to a fault.   In a perpetual stupor of knee-walking, cross-eyed angry drunk from decades of guzzling Carolina Way rot-gut and believing it was Dom P.

I’m fine with whatever Dave Doeren or any coach says about anything.   I was always fine with whatever Steve Spurrier said about opponents.  I am NOT “easily irked”.

It’s all Show Biz anyhow….


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