ESPN’s Wilbon Slams “Mother’s Basement” Bloggers

Mike Wilbon
November23/ 2015

ESPN’s Michael “Knuckleheads” Wilbon and a panel of other “we are REAL sports journalists” went after the so-called “pajama sports media” that, according to legend, operate: Basement blogger

“…… from their mother’s basement while wearing soiled Fruit-of-The-Loom”.

Bless his heart…. that ship done sailed.

No “real media” caters to and is so specifically targeted to the “Board Monkey” demographic than The Worldwide Leader.  Who do these “real sportswriters” think watch/read their endless drivel about “what Ronda Rousey has for breakfast”…. or “who Greg Hardy is dating” ….. or “is TJ Yates ‘the next Philip Rivers’?” ?

FWIW…. I consider “what I do” as simply “a smart aleck with his own website”“Journalism” and “I” should both be insulted to be mentioned in the same sentence.   Which I guess I just did !!!!



Michael Wilbon drops “mother’s basement” slam against bloggers like it’s 2008 all over again

Mike Wilbon


It looks like several of the world’s top-paid sportswriters have jumped in their hot tub time machines and headed back to 2008. That’s about the only explanation for this recap of a panel from the Shirley Povich Symposium, featuring Michael Wilbon, Tony Kornheiser and Christine Brennan ignoring the modern journalism world in favor of a bunch of nostalgic pining for a supposed golden age.

Some selected highlights:

Tony Kornheiser, the co-host of ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption,” noted the shift in journalistic roles, saying, “There’s a lot of people who sit around and they wait for somebody else to report something. And then they lay back in the weeds, and when your head comes above the water line, they shoot you. And that passes in many cases for journalism.”

Moderator Maury Povich, a famed talk show host and the son of Shirley Povich, provided websites such as Awful Announcing, Deadspin and Barstool Sports as examples of the journalism Kornheiser described.

Mike Wilbon, Kornheiser’s co-host on “Pardon the Interruption,” gave a hypothetical example to make the same point.

“What bugs me now is that people is that people sit in their mother’s basements and write this crap and they don’t have any knowledge of what is going on in that place, and it’s too easy to get it,” Wilbon said. “You can go to a game, you can go to a locker room. The only reason to read this stuff is to tell people why something happened, and if you’re not there, and you can’t tell me why it happened, I don’t care about all your advanced analytics and all the other things you concoct.”

Christine Brennan labeled the practice “hit and run journalism” because the authors of the critical content don’t face the consequences a beat writer might after writing something negative about the team they cover. The “fly by night” authors don’t have to worry about athletes freezing them out in the future because they don’t need to maintain contact with them in order to write stories about them. Brennan said the style of reporting cannot last, and that it will be the hardworking journalist who will eventually win out in the long run.

There’s so much here that’s absurd that it’s hard to cover it all, (on the bright side, at least AA got a shout-out from lie detector wizard Maury Povich) but let’s start with Wilbon and the “mother’s basements.” ………..




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