OMG! ….Our “Server” Went Down !!!

Computer Anger
November16/ 2015

Wed 5:45 PM…. “Hi, BobLee, this is Avery.  Our “Server” just went down”. …. Huh?  What’s a “Server”? ….. “Something you never want to go down?” ….. “Do you have a big enough hammer to fix it?” …. “I hope so.” ….. SAT 11:35 AM… OK, It’s fixed now.”

Other than that Mrs Lincoln…. how have your last three days been?

My knowledge of how computers and the Internet work is akin to Ol’ Roy understanding photosynthesis.   I’m two steps beyond knowing not to use wite-out on my monitor. …. Writing incredible commentaries and “knowing what happens when I hit ENTER” are totally separate skill sets.

When Avery The Tech Guy notified me Wednesday around 5:00 PM that “our server got hacked” I knew that was not “a good thing”.   A “server” is a box where websites live.  If one “goes down” all the websites stored there cannot get out to magically appear on your monitor.

“Avery” got under the hood with a socket wrench and a hammer and fiddled around Wednesday night and soon realized “uh oh”.   Thursday morning he packed up his tech guy tools and flew on an airplane to “an undisclosed location” where the servers are.

Alas, the server was “fried”.  “Fried” is an actual tech guy term.   The server where my website lives had to be replaced.   Blah blah yadda yadda…. that process took most of Thursday night involving lots of wires, cables, “downloading” and the always scary “writing code”.

Now we are up and running on a new server…. otherwise you are not reading this.

Despite my immediate knee-jerk assumption – DAMN YOU DICKIE BADDOUR – I was NOT the target of the hacker who took down the server.   It involved another website sharing “my server”.

Was it the ChiComms…. the North Koreans …. or “a pathetic board monkey in Des Moines upset that Iowa is not in the Final Four”.   Don’t know.

Is this End of Days crap prophesied in Revelation and/or one of Nostradamus’s quatrains?   Yes, in both.

I was remarkably mature and calm thru all this.  I knew “my tech guy” was more distraught than I was.   Blondie was shocked at my maturity in the midst of cyber-CHAOS.  Banging my keyboard and screaming at my monitor was replaced by starting a new audiobook and taking long walks.

Q:  (1) Can it ever happen again; and (2) what will I do if it does?
A:  (1) Sure; and (2) download another audiobook and take more long walks.

A bevy of NEW INCREDIBLE COLUMNS will be posted later today (Saturday)….

Ever need to reach me?   Here a backup e-address when/if the one doesn’t work.   ….. use [email protected]



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Just in….. BobLee and AgentPierce were hacked by the “National FOP Anti-Slander Association”. I warned you…. When you google FOP’s, you get various definitions….mainly one of “dandy Dan” (and it did NOT include Rather). One who is more show or glitter or clothes….pertenticious…..or whatever A 19th century-ish term for what is basically a metrosexual. A dandy, if you will. Usually high-cultured, well-dressed, very social individual who enjoys fashion and parties and prissy things like that. Perfect personal hygiene. NOT always gay, though often so. Often cannot actually afford this expensive, high-class lifestyle but somehow tries to live it anyway. NOW,… Read more »


thank goodness! i thought it was something i might have done…….glad you are back.


Server guy here. Having ones website hosted on a single physical machine is soooo 5 years ago. Most of the websites / web services are moving to hosted (by big companies like Amazon and Microsoft) services. Or using some Google service.