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Love Letters XX
November08/ 2015



Here is my advise to all young women.

Save all of the love letters you every receive. ….. Every note from the cute guy in your third grade class. ….. Every card from every delivery of flowers. …. Every love letter from your love away at college or off to war. …. Every Hallmark. ….. Every postcard. …. Save them all. Blondie

Tuck them into a box or a drawer or a folder. Move them with you all through your life. Forget you have them.

One day, when you are older and wiser, find your box of love letters. Take the time to read and savor every word and memory. You might discover fascinating things.

You might realize that you have never been loved as intensely as you were when you were 19. …. You might find the real reason that one romance ended. …. You might see a path that was being taken that would later be destructive. …. You might recognize a deeper meaning in some of the words. …. You might remember why you fell in love in the first place. Wait…I forgot.

In this age of Facebook, email, instant message, Twitter and voice mail, few real love letters are sent anymore.

The kind that are written by hand on real paper, folded, slipped into an envelop, addressed, stamped and taken to a mailbox. The kind that takes your breath away for a second when you see it on top of the bills. You know, the kind you clutch to your heart, read over and over until the paper wears out at the folds. You know…the kind you save in a box and relish when you are old.

That makes me a little sad.

Here is my advise for all men, regardless of age.
If you want to make your lady love swoon….write and mail her a real, honest to God, love letter.

PS:  OK, I know what you all want to know… did BobLee send me love letters when we were “courtin’ back in the early 80s. Absolutely.  He was living in Dallas and I was in Kansas City.  One of us would fly back/forth each month and there were lots of phone calls and letters. … and they were full of odd nicknames and silly abbreviations and obscure references to long forgotten 50s TV shows and an obsession with Road House.  No, he was NOT a Love Letter Legend, but he did write them…

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