Carrboro = Best City for _______ ??

October21/ 2015

Carrboro has been voted “The Best City for Singles…. IN AMERICA !!!”

OK, sure, I could come up with a dozen zingers now; beginning with “for single WHATS?”…. but I’m not gonna do that.   I’m gonna let you’ans play with this one.

Have fun… and remember This is a Family-friendly Website.

PS:  Wonder if any Heterosexual Christian Conservatives got a vote in this ??

PS2:  FWIW…. Dirigible Magazine voted The Hindenburg Hangar “Best ‘We Have One Too” IPF in The Triangle.


Carrboro: Best City For Singles

By Jeffrey Clayton

Are you single?

Move to Carrboro.  Evidently it is the best city for singles in the United States.Carrboro

Livability ranked Carrboro at the top of their list of “10 Best Cities for Singles.”  The website “explores what makes small-to-medium sized cities great places to live.”


Carrboro is the best city for singles because it,

“holds a high concentration or single adults who are generally more active and social than the average American.”

Livability also cited the city’s layout, college-town vibe, and assortment of entertainment options.

Of course, these lists should always be taken with an enormous grain of salt.  Another website, Only In Your State, listed Carrboro at No. 3 on their list of Best Cities For Singles…in North Carolina.  That list put Raleigh and Charlotte ahead of Carrboro.  Only In Your State did not mention any actual criteria.

Cities and towns located near major colleges were prominently featured on the top 10 list.  Oxford, Mississippi, home of the University of Mississippi, landed at No. 4 on the list.  The home of Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, is listed at No. 7.  Athens, Georgia, home of the University of Georgia, landed at No. 9.

Overall, the criteria for the Livability ranking included percentage of population who are unmarried, percentage of population between 20-34, use of online dating websites, went dancing in the last 12 months, watched romantic movie in last 6 months, visited a nightclub/bar in last 12 months, and went to an art gallery in the last 12 months.

Popular nightlife spots in Carrboro are highlighted.  The Station, Orange County Social Club, and The Speakeasy at Tyler’s all get mentions.

But, Carrboro did not become the best city for singles just for its nightlife.  The Carrboro ArtsCenter and the Parks and Recreation Department also get credit for their programs that promote an active lifestyle.

The people at Livability previously ranked Carrboro at No. 55 on their list of “Top 100 Best Small Towns.”



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5 years ago

This is very easy to explain. The Chamber of Commerce is the beneficiary of an Eldeman PR two-fer.

58 Wolf Kennel
58 Wolf Kennel
5 years ago

All are welcome! Many different liberal and conservative bumper stickers. When you can love across inevitable differences, you are stronger. When one can’t, you split. As for fair catch sign, just saying we are not typical Wake Forest Baptists :>))

5 years ago
Reply to  BobLee

Correct that Wake Forest is no longer the SAME old Wake Forest. My great-great grandfather, John Thomas Albritton, has a professorship named in his honor in the WF Divinity School. By all accounts his stern Southern Baptist demeanor would be un-softened at the current institution.Not sure about today but in the 70’s Carrboro probably had the highest per capita sales of Earth Shoes on the planet, for those who identified as the now antiquated term, females. As far as romantic movies go I once saw The Devil in Miss Jones, at the Varsity on Franklin Street in 1974. Luckily my… Read more »

58 Wolf Kennel
58 Wolf Kennel
5 years ago

Whooops ! Church meets at Carrboro Civic Club, 108 Bim Street, at 10:30 on Sunday mornings. Rebecca McCulloh has been the pastor for 10 years, and motto is “Come as You are”. Also when somebody joins, nobody makes a “fair catch” signal :>))

58 Wolf Kennel
58 Wolf Kennel
5 years ago

Hey, we even moved one of our new churches, Chapel Hill Christian Church, from nesting at the “Y” in Chapel Hill to meeting at the Carrboro Chamber Conference Room some 7 years ago. Still known as Chapel Hill Christian Church, but we do our part in Carrboro. Sundays at 11:00AM. All are welcome !!!

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