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Jason Whitlock
October14/ 2015

This Quirky will have ZERO appeal to many of you.  That’s fine.  That’s why we offer Kate Upton Week and regular bashing of various area fan bases… different strokes / different folks blah blah ….Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is, IMO, one of THE most Provocative / Controversial personalities in Sports Media.   He is very “intelligent” and an excellent wordsmith.  He also has a MONSTER “in-yo-face” Ego and strives to be in the pantheon of Most Influential Voices In The Great American Race Conversation.

IMO…. Discussing “Sports” in America in 2015 WITHOUT discussing “race” is like trying to eat a Reese’s Cup and avoid the peanut butter.

He has bounced around the major sports media companies over the past 15 years with an MO of eventually pissin’ off whoever signs his check as well as between 45 and 55% of his readers.   He is currently in a hired / fired / hired / not fired yet back & forth with ESPN and FoxSports.

IMO, Whitlock takes himself much “seriouser” than, say, “Stephen A” who, also AfAm, is also quite intelligent and a deep thinker, is also “an on-air character”.   “Stephen A” doesn’t mind you laughing AT or WITH him.   Jason does.

You might find his latest diatribe “interesting”….. or not.



The Explanation 2.0: Still Undefeated

By Jason Whitlock:  10/14/15:  This blog and the coming explanation are dedicated to the preservation of my dream, an aspiration I still believe lives within most of us, a goal so spectacular in its promise that cynicism, corruption and political partisanship cannot destroy it.

The dream is a more perfect American union. The tool to get us there is journalism, a continuous search and exposing of empathetic truth.

I left FOX Sports in 2013 and rejoined ESPN to follow my dream. I wanted to build a website, The Undefeated, dedicated to examining the intersection of sports, race and culture because I believe locker rooms, stadiums, arenas, and teams epitomize and best utilize America’s diversity.

Fifty years after the Civil Rights Movement, we’re still a segregated country whose citizens struggle to find common ground across race, class, sexuality and economic lines. The sports world deals with these issues on a daily basis. Men and women put their differences aside and unite for a common mission. They learn to work through difficult problems without giving up on each other.

Sports fans of all stripes – rich, poor, black, white, gay, straight, male, female, liberal, conservative – walk into arenas, stadiums, sports bars and man caves and cheer for the Saints, the Cavaliers, the Dodgers and Serena Williams. Sports bring us together. They allow us to connect with everyone.

That’s why, for the last 25 years, I’ve chosen to write about race and culture through the prism of sports. It’s the best venue to reach a wide cross section. It’s why President Obama fills out an NCAA Tournament bracket, promotes his allegiance to the Bulls and makes it a point to enthusiastically support our women’s World Cup team.

Also, I believe sports offer us the best model for addressing a multitude of problems. Sports are not perfect. But the leadership concepts and work environments found in sports work far more efficiently and fairly than the typical corporate workplace. There’s a reason the NFL is a superior American business than most everything else. HBO’s “Hard Knocks” illuminates the transparency, direct communication, accountability, self-awareness, thick skin, urgency and results-oriented decision-making that permeate high-level sports teams.




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