SMU Prez: “(UNC) shaking in their boots.”

Blue Boots
September30/ 2015

While giving the usual “we didn’t do nuthin’ wrong …. don’t penalize the kids …. blah blah yadda yadda” speech, SMU President Gerald Turner said:

“other schools facing penalties (UNC) must be shaking in their boots” over severity of penalties that SMULarry Brown received…. for various malfeasances committed by Dean Smith Disciple – “Weepin’ Larry Brown.

Meanwhile Larry simply dug out his usual post-caught cheating speech he used after UCLA and Kansas…. the ones where he denies everything while crying and blubbers about “trying to help kids”.

Larry did add a fresh line this time…. “I don’t know why I lied” …. during his testimony to the NCAA.


BobLee Say:  Between Former Duker Kyrie Irving screwing Texas’ beauty queen and UNC’s Larry Brown screwing SMU;  Tobacco Road basketball alums are creating more mayhem in Texas than Santa Anna!   …. WHAMMO!


Why SMU didn’t fire coach Larry Brown after NCAA penalties


Southern Methodist University president Gerald Turner said Tuesday night he did not contemplate firing men’s basketball coach Larry Brown in connection with NCAA rules violations that resulted in a variety of sanctions, including a ban from the upcoming season’s NCAA tournament and a two-year show-cause order for Brown.

In a telephone interview with USA TODAY Sports, Turner also said the school “is seriously considering appealing” the penalties against the basketball program as well as those levied against the men’s golf program, where the NCAA also found violations and barred the team from participating in the upcoming season’s team and individual championships. But he added that he is concerned an appeal will cause even more damage to the programs by creating a longer period of uncertainty about their status.

Turner criticized the harshness of the penalties, and without mentioning the University of North Carolina by name, said other schools facing NCAA investigations and/or infractions rulings must be “shaking in their boots” after seeing the sanctions handed SMU.


SMU “got what it deserves” for even hiring Larry Brown …..




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