Gluten-Free Media ???

September23/ 2015

Since most of you who will see this are of the decidedly Not Liberal persuasion, you are very much aware that “the mainstream media (MSM)” does not like or respect you very much at all.

Sure the MSM wants you to subscribe or watch/read and/or advertise with them; in return for which the MSM will insult and demean you / us, and everything we stand for.  These journo-weasels delight in doing so.

Some of you persist in subjecting yourselves to their insults by indeed subscribing to or watching them for reasons that only a confirmed masochist could appreciate.

As the “campaign season” gets into high gear (it’s not already ??) the journo-weasels will ramp up their insults, misinformation, lies and damn lies.   Some of you will read or hear their misinformation and get all upset about it…. even though YOU KNOW they lie, deceive and misinform on purpose.   You should know better….  You DO know better.

I equate this pavlovian reaction to being lactose-intolerant or gluten-intolerant. 

You KNOW you have an intolerance to “dairy” or “bread” but you simply can’t resist a milk shake, ice cream etc; or a sandwich, bagel, etc.   Within a few minutes your digestive system reminds you YOU SHOULD BloatedNOT HAVE DONE THAT!

Your intestinal discomfort immediately reminds you and you have no one to blame but yourself.   Same with the visceral reaction when you read or hear a hard-line liberal journo-weasel spew his/her/its venomous crap…. a/k/a “factual flatulence”

Reading a McClatchy newspaper (do they still “print” newspapers) or watching anything on Jim Goodmon’s WRAL or any of the other far left-wing media is the equivalent of drinking a gallon of milk AND eating a loaf of bread.

You should practice Lactose-Free / Gluten-Free News by avoiding the liberal journo-weasels.

Your bowels will Thank You.


I’ve proposed this several times over the years.  I don’t know if any of you have ever taken my suggestion or whether any will now.  All I can do is plant the idea and let you cogitate on it.

You know who the most biased media weasels are in your area – the RobReilleWhos (N&O) and LauraLeslie (WRAL) types.   The ones who can’t spell journalistic integrity if their jobs depended on it.   In their cases, not having any integrity if how they got and keep those jobs.

Contact “them” and ask to buy them a cup of coffee or even lunch “just to talk”.   You simply want to hear their response to the claims that they are overtly biased against Conservative politicians and Conservative political POVs.

You do not want to argue or debate them…. simply allow them to refute those claims.

They WILL NOT meet with you.  Trust me.   They are scared to death of “us”.   Tell them they can bring an associate.   You intend them no harm at all.   You want to hear their opinions, NOT “give them a piece of your mind”. ….. BE NICE!

Let me know how it goes.


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