September09/ 2015

One of our favorite pundits – Dr. Mike Adams – levels both barrels at the HYPOCRISY of “The Race-baiters”.   “Dr Mike”, as usual, pulls no Mike Adams UNC-Wpunches in exposing the tired MO that race-baiters use to appeal to a very very lowest common denominator audience – the mainstream media.



Stuck on Hating Whitey

Mike Adams | Sep 07, 2015


Recently, after spending three months in Colorado I returned to North Carolina to a large list of errands. The first of these errands was replacing a lost passport, which meant I had to go to the Post Office in downtown Wilmington. I rarely go downtown, largely because the area is infested with drugs and crime. Unsurprisingly, before I left the downtown area I passed a crime scene. Judging by the number of police cars I could tell it was a murder.

In addition to the things I knew there were some things I merely suspected when I happened upon that crime scene. For example, I suspected that both the perpetrator and the victim were young black males between the ages of 15 and 25. I’m not Sherlock Holmes. You don’t need to be a detective to know that black on black violence is rampant in downtown Wilmington.

It should go without saying that I was unsurprised when I watched the evening news and learned that the victim was a young black male and that a young black male suspect was already in custody. But the following statement made by Police Chief Ralph Evangelous did surprise me: “Where is the outcry in our community? God forbid it would be an officer involved in this situation, we’d have a protest.”

The immediately reaction of most people reading this statement will be to laud the police chief for having the courage to state this usually unspoken truth:

That the everyday black on black murder provokes far less outrage than the occasional white cop on black citizen murder.

The fact that many will see such a simple statement of such an obvious truth as somehow courageous says something very bad about our society. It takes little to be seen as courageous in a society plagued by cowardice. That epidemic of cowardice has a lot to do with the climate of intimidation created by today’s so-called civil rights leaders.

After the chief made his statement it took only forty-eight hours for a black civil rights leader named Sonya Patrick to go to the press with this demand: “Stereotyping the black community the way he did … I think he owes us an apology.”

Of course, this is what civil rights leaders do. They are there to constantly remind us of what “we” owe “them.” They are also there to remind us of the dangers of racial stereotyping. Unfortunately, most civil rights leaders have become walking stereotypes and are wholly oblivious to their role in reinforcing negative beliefs about the black community.




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