Mack Brown: “Texas Woes Not My Fault”

Mack Brown
September08/ 2015

Mack says Texas Football problems “not my fault”….. making Mack either #234 or #238 of former Big Time coaches who never ever accept responsibility for ANYTHING…. unless, of course, if it something good.    The question is does Mack earn a Sgt Schutz helmet for this?   I say “No”.  He does not use the magic phrase “I knew NUTHIN'”.

With Charlie Strong in Week Two of Year Two and already “feeling the heat”, does Mack get ANY “credit” for leaving Charlie a cupboard full of misbehavin’ miscreants.  Apparently Mack doesn’t think so.   Strong ran off a “whole buncha” Mack recruits for various and sundry malfeasances over the past 18 months.

I’m not saying Mack should accept responsibility.   My suggestion to Mack woulda been:

“mumble something about ‘I’ll always be a Longhorn…. Hook’em Hooks” make the little finger thingie and change the subject.



Mack Brown: Don’t blame me for state of Texas program

The Texas Longhorns are in bad shape this season after being utterly embarrassed in their season-opening 38-3 loss to Notre Dame.

Charlie Strong has already made a major change to his coaching staff in response to the defeat, as he stripped Shawn Watson of play-calling duties and handed them to Jay Norvell. This is Strong’s second season on the job since taking over the program from Mack Brown, and Brown claims no responsibility for the state of the program.

Mack Brown

Brown, now an analyst with ESPN, was quoted by the San Antonio Express-News’ Tim Griffin as saying he really does not feel responsibility for the current state of the program.

Mack Brown Says

Brown is right; Strong made a lot of changes upon taking over the program and went 6-7 in his first season. He is making it his own and has taken great steps in recruiting. If Strong gets credit for that, he should also own criticism for the way the program currently looks.

While Strong went 6-7 after Brown went 8-5 in his final year, Brown went 9-3 after John Mackovic was fired for going 4-7. Brown really has a better claim than Strong in both situations, so he is right in a way. But Brown let the program slip under his watch, which is why he was pushed out of the job. And if Strong doesn’t turn things around quickly, he may too be out of a job soon.



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