THE BEST 10 minutes of your day!

Navy Jersey Boys
September03/ 2015

Who says “nuthin’ worth a damn ever happens in Washington DC”….. Maybe Nuthin’ except this.  GO NAVY!

This will DEFINITELY be “on the final exam” so’s you gotta watch.

The five “Jersey Boys” are Awesome…. but watch the expressions on everyone in the background – the orchestra, the audience and “yours too”.

I received this this AM courtesy of THE Titus Martin “a Living Legend from The Pavilion @ Atlantic Beach”.

This is soooooo Cool! 



The BEST Ten Minutes of Your Day….. TRUST ME!

You will enjoy this when you have 10 minutes to spare.

You might have a buffering issue…. stick with it.  If necessary recopy the link directly on your browser.  Do whatever it takes to see/listen to this.

Turn up your speakers and roll back in time.

Each of these guys sing with a fantastic falsetto … even the guy who sings bass!  He even picks on this poor Master Chief but listen to how his voice changes when he talks to her.

The Navy School of Music is an incredible facility that turns out extremely talented musicians who then are sent out to the fleet to entertain dignitaries and people the world over.
They are fantastic ambassadors of good will!

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