“Trump” …or Mike Matheny ??

Mike Matheny
August22/ 2015

Our occasionally rambunctious SaidWhatMedia co-hort – AgentPierce – discombobulated “the media world” today by formally declaring He’s For Trump.  AP did note “Unless St Louis Cardinals’ Manager Mike Matheny is a viable choice in which case “I’m Mike MathenyFor Manager Mike”…. who, according to Pierce, is so darn presidential-looking he deserves his own Mt Rushmore.

In a rambling all-over-the-place diatribe, Pierce expressed his disdain for “politicians of all persuasions” noting that a “twice-elected half-black son of a Kenyan hippie” has:

…. lowered the bar for POTUS qualifications to subterranean levels where even Pee Wee Herman and “a Kardashian” (or even Joe Biden) can realistically harbor White House aspirations.

AP further notes that:Trump

“IMO, Donald Trump was more qualified to be POTUS when he graduated from Wharton back in 1968 than Obama is today.”  Then Pierce takes off the kid gloves and puts his AK on full automatic.


I hesitate to recommend you “check out AgentPierce” as he is way too spicy for some tastes.  But here it is for them that choose to give it a look.

If you are not sure, don’t risk it.



It Is Official:  AgentPierce is For Trump…. unless….. LINK!


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