UNCCH Sets Fundraising Record !!

UNC Fundraising
August13/ 2015

I’m sure this news will SHOCK many of you…. Hell…. MOST of you, regardless of your partisan affiliation.   I have no reason to question the numbers or the credibility of the sources.   They do note that one gift of $100,000,000 was an abnormal windfall BUT the totals would have been impressive regardless.



UNC Sets New Fundraising Record

By  Blake Hodge 


UNC raised more money in the last fiscal year than in any year in the university’s history.

The ongoing academic scandal and lawsuits that have been levied against UNC have not slowed down donors from contributing to various university causes, to the tune of nearly 447 million dollars in contributions.

UNC Chancellor Carol Folt announced the record effort at a development celebration on Wednesday.

“Fiscal 2015 was the best fundraising year in history,” she says. “We raised nearly $447 million in commitments – to be exact, $446,967,120.”

Folt says the reach of Carolina’s influence hit home once again for her last week when she was speaking at the National Press Club. Folt had addressed college affordability and accessibility at the event and touted the 10-year anniversary of the Carolina Covenant, which furthers UNC’s efforts of providing low-income students an opportunity to graduate debt free. She says a gentleman approached her after the event.

“He came up to me and handed me a very small little piece of paper, and he walked out the door,” she recalls. “Later, I opened that paper, and it said ‘Thank you for all Carolina is doing. My wife and I are pledging $100,000 to the Carolina Covenant.’”

Fred Eshelman’s $100 million commitment to the pharmacy school was a big lift for the fundraising efforts. But even without the massive donation, UNC would have surpassed the previous fundraising record set in 2008.

Some of the departments that saw major increases were Kenan-Flagler Business School, College of Arts and Sciences, School of Law, and Graduate School. And the School of Medicine raised a record 118 million dollars.

Other university arms had major growth, including the Morehead Planetarium, the Ackland Art Museum, and the North Carolina Botanical Gardens.

In athletics, the Rams Club saw an increase of just over 20 percent.

While there was a festive atmosphere at the Rizzo Center on Wednesday afternoon, Vice Chancellor for University Development David Routh had a reminder for everyone in the room.

“Every single year we roll back to zero,” he says. “And, for those of us who do this, we lose sleep over it; we worry about it.

“But I can tell you I go into the next fiscal year with enormous confidence.”

UNC is in the very early stages of a development campaign that will last in the neighborhood of seven to eight years.

A comparable campaign at the University of Virginia raised $3 billion. Duke has launched a $3.25 billion campaign. Routh says the recent campaign launched at UCLA, with a $4.2 billion goal, is one to which Carolina aspires.

There is no set campaign goal for the UNC campaign, at this time.

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5 years ago

Well, I guess all the folks that i know that cut back on the donations to the Rams Club were merely pikers. I guess when you hire Gene C as DC and tell the world that ORW and his corny routine is safe….you get $$’s.

As you, BL, said…..nothing amazes us anymore after the reelection of Obummer. Who knows….

Forgot to say hello to Holden today….we were in Forest Park….and on to Ted Drew’s….tomorrow the ARCH….GK’s having a ball…

5 years ago

They musta’ owed Edelman a couple hunskies.

Where can they show us Burn Center money? The last vestage, in my book.

5 years ago

I don’t doubt it for a bit. You’d be amazed at the number of people 20 years ago who were on the one mil and $500,000 cultivation lists, and many of them came through. It’s probably doubled by today, and then, you have the $100,000, $50,000, and so on lists. Also, the naming rights go for big, big bucks. Nothing is free in naming rights.

Old MacDonald
Old MacDonald
5 years ago

“I have no reason to question the numbers or the credibility of the sources.” You can’t be serious.

5 years ago

Irony is ironic.

FightingBobKennel, Jr.
FightingBobKennel, Jr.
5 years ago

Doesn’t surprise me a bit. Imperial Japan had its best year of fundraising in 1944.

Some day I will tell you the story of how I helped end WWII, but not today. I am not one to brag, as you know.

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