Kid Scores Date w/ Golf Skank

Holly Sonders
July27/ 2015

Q:  WHY am I running another Quirky about Holly “Culotte” Sonders the FoxSports Golf Skank?  Fair question.

A:  Because I refuse to give any more Quirky space to The Matrimonial Misadventures of Brittany & Glory – those madcap star-crossed romantics of the WNBA.

Holly SondersAs low as Holly might be in the Global Q Ratings, she trails “the Kardashian’s lawn jockey” by 46 points in the latest rankings; it is just less depressing to note her silly adventures than the mega-yucky Brittany & Glory.

Plus I get to reuse my smart-alecky description of Holly as

“the weekend weather girl at a really small market UHF station…..”

I suppose I could post Craig Biggio’s Cooperstown speech which was AWESOME.   Maybe I will do that later.  Wanna bet this is THE only place on the Worldwide Web that includes Holly Sonders, Brittany & Glory AND Craig Biggio in one post.



U.S. Junior Amateur runner-up scores prom date with Fox Sports’ Holly Sonders

It was an up-and-down kind of weekend for 16-year-old Andrew Orischak.

The South Carolina teen blew a 5-up lead in the final of the U.S. Junior Amateur, losing in 37 holes to complete the largest collapse in the championship’s history.

Then he locked up a prom date with Fox Sports host and former Golf Channel personality Holly Sonders.

Orischak, through his dad, made a deal with Sonders earlier in the tournament whereby she would agree to go to his Hilton Head-area high school prom if he won the championship on Saturday.

“I liked the kid’s confidence,” Sonders wrote in a piece for Golf Digest.

When Orischak made the final match on Friday with a semifinal win, Sonders gave her phone number to his mom, as Sonders wrote, “show I was serious.”

He obviously came up short, losing to Philip Barbaree. However, Sonders took to Twitter to tell Orischak that she would still escort him to prom next year.

That’s not a bad deal for Orischak, who has already committed to the University of Virginia for his high school golf. While he missed out on holding the trophy at the biggest championship in junior golf, Orischak still came away a winner.


Ryan Ballengee is a Yahoo Sports contributor. Find him on Facebook and Twitter.


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