Art HARUMPHS at M&J …. PLUS Mary Speaks !!

Art Chansky
July26/ 2015

Yeee Haa!  We got us a Cyber Slugfest! ……”My buddy Art” (has he officially changed his name to that?) has done reared back and fired a “How Dare You” salvo back at Mary & Jay for daring to fire a salvo at him.

THEN Mary goes on-air on WCHL to blast back at Art……

Mary’s Commentary:

Yo AC, smart alecks like you and I INVITE folks to “fire salvos at us” for the stuff we say.  Its WHY we go out of our way to piss’em off  in the first place!   Duh!

This is starting to resemble The Battle of Midway.   Who will be the first to “Go Kamikaze”?

I’m not sure Mary & Jay were at all suggesting that Sylvia deserved a raise TOO.  Not even Albert was suggesting that other than “If Roy deserved one then …..”  Most everyone not knee-walking drunk on TCW wine thinks NEITHER ONE “deserved a raise” until this is finally resolved…. if it ever is.   As Mary & Jay always say – “The Truth is in the transcripts….”

We all know “Roy got his” simply to impress those semi-literate 18 y/os wondering which ballcap to wear sideways.   Why not take the $$$$ they are Rewarding Roy and give it (the $$$) directly to the “semi-literate ball caps choosers”.   Surely UNC has some Fat Cats who can figure a creative way to pull that off.



Chansky’s Notebook: Planetary Response

Posted July 20, 2015 at 7:47 am

This is today’s Art Chansky’s Sports Notebook as heard on 97.9 WCHL. You can listen to previous Sports Notebooks here.

Earth to Jay and Mary.

Well, I see that Jay Smith and Mary Willingham used my column on Sylvia Hatchell as another excuse to rehash the entire academic scandal on their website, which has about as many readers as their convoluted tell-all book. They claim I say Sylvia should leave with grace because I am in a plot with Roy Williams, Larry Fedora and the rest of the athletic administration to turn the attention away from men’s basketball and football.

Well, Earth to Jay and Mary. Did you bother reading the rest of the column past the truth that women’s basketball is likely to get hit by the NCAA harder than any other program? All the experts who have studied the NOA in its detailed entirety have come to the same conclusion. But there are two other major reasons I believe Hatchell’s tenure at UNC will end sooner than later. One is using her friends to speak out against not getting a contract extension from Bubba Cunningham, and the other is that women’s basketball spends and loses way too much money.

Hatchell has three more years left on her lucrative long-term deal, foolishly given to her by Dick Baddour on his way out the door as AD. And she is in the cross hairs of the NCAA probe, much more so than Williams and Fedora, despite what Jay and Mary would have you believe. She does not deserve, or frankly need, an extension right now, and should have worked behind the scenes trying to convince Bubba otherwise. And if she failed, she still could have gone out with grace.

There is no way any program will be allowed to lose $2.5 million moving forward. That is fiscally irresponsible, and Cunningham’s job is to fix it. Hatchell’s program also has the highest cost-per-athlete among all woman sports. Taking the fight public and any NCAA sanctions will only hasten her departure.

Jay and Mary believe there was an 18-year covert scheme to keep athletes eligible here, and in propagating that ridiculous theory continue to demonstrate how little they know about major Division 1 athletics, and a minute percentage of underprepared recruits that every school admits to stay competitive. Did Carolina cross some lines that it will pay dearly for when the NCAA metes out penalties? Yes. But is it as widespread and anywhere close to the story they have spun that has done major damage to a great university’s brand and reputation? It’s not about the truth anymore for them. It’s far more about winning their argument.


You folks probably think I started all this to score a bunch of “site views” dontcha?   MOI ?

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