THE Phil Jackson Slams Duke Basketball !!!

Phil Jackson
July22/ 2015

Forget about TGU…. Forget about RewardingRoy…. or Trashing Sylvia…. or Art Said…. or Logo Stomping / Locker Room trashing…. even forget about “Dickie’s” Mega-$$$$ pension.  None of that matters any more.   The rapt attention of The Planet can now be focused on something REALLY IMPORTANT:

Phil Jackson – THE Phil Jackson – has dissed “Duke Basketball”.   Arguably the most successful NBA coach EVER just knee-capped the most successful College coach EVER.   Phil sucker-punches Mike.  Sure it was just one random comment, but it LIT UP FRANKLIN STREET!

To honor this Epic Event…. Every pizza joint in Chapel Hill is offering a FREE medium two-toppings to every orderer saying his/her name is “Phil”….. or says he/she is “Jack’s son” (think about it!).

Donald Trump has yet to weigh in on “this one”.   Neither has Cherokee Park or Jeanne Buss.


New York Knicks President Phil Jackson: Duke Players Fail To Live Up To Expectations In The NBA

phil jackson new york knicks

On Monday, Charley Rose published the fourth article in a five-part ESPN series about New York Knicks president Phil Jackson, and his attempt to gut and rebuild the team. While most of the focus, and the headlines, of the article, which is based on interactions with Jackson on January 10, focus on the Knicks trading Iman Shumpert and J.R. Smith and committing to tanking the 2014-15 season, Jackson did reveal a bit of his draft thought process at the time. Specifically, he wasn’t enamored with Duke center Jahlil Okafor, or Duke prospects in general, for that matter.

His time with the Bulls seems so long ago now, with the Knicks closer to picking at top of the draft than the top of the standings.

At best, the Knicks would get the first pick and tab center Jahlil Okafor, although Jackson thinks he might not be aggressive enough. “Also, if you look at the guys who came to the NBA from Duke, aside from Grant Hill, which ones lived up to expectations?”

That’s a bit harsh coming from an NBA legend like Jackson, but not entirely untrue. The Blue Devils haven’t had a ton of NBA superstars, but they consistently put people in the league. According to CBS Sports’ college basketball alumni tracker, 20 former Blue Devils project to be on NBA rosters in 2015-16, and that doesn’t include guys like Seth Curry, who could make a roster after big summer league or D-League performances.

Jackson has forgotten more basketball than any of us know, but it is pretty interesting to see him knock one of college basketball’s premier programs like that.



In a somewhat related event…. Michael Jordan just signed Tyler Hansbrough to a free agent contract with the Charlotte Hornets.  No word if Tyler’s mamma – Tami – will be signed as a Hornets’ sales representative.


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