OMG! They are tinkering with “The Oreo”

July06/ 2015

OMG!!!  Oreo Thins

According to this NY Post article, The Oreo guys are reducing the size and calories of “The Oreo”…. but will keep same price.  They do not intend this “more Thin Oreosophisticated” version to be twisted or dunked.

Does this sound a lot like when we heard about “NEW COKE”?   How’d THAT turn out?

NY Post July 6, 2015:

Oreos went on a diet

Oreos went on a diet

Now it’s Oreos’ turn to go on a diet.

The maker of the popular cookie has confirmed it will begin next week selling “Oreo Thins” — a slimmed-down version of the original with about 34 percent fewer calories.

The cookie with the skinny new look is a “sophisticated” snack for grown-ups, according to Mondelez International, that isn’t meant to be twisted or dunked.

Oreo Thins look like the traditional 103-year old cookie and have a similar cookie-to-filling ratio, according to the Associated Press, which first bit into the tasty story. Four of the slimmer cookies will cost snackers 40 calories, while three original Oreos have 160 calories.

“If people want to [twist them apart or dunk them], it’s clearly up to them,” Janda Lukin, senior director of Oreo for North America at Mondelez, told the AP.

Lukin made the following analogy: If regular Oreos were like pancakes, Oreo Thins would be like crepes.

Despite having about 34 percent fewer calories, the company is not planning on marketing them as a diet snack. Of course, if that is what folks think — then go for it.

In China, where they have been successfully test marketed since last year, Oreo Thins successfully wooed back “lapsed users” after sales in that country sagged, the company said.

In the first eight months on sale in China, Oreo Thins generated $40 million in sales, Lukin said.

In North America, Mondelez’s cookie business declined in the first quarter of 2015. Oreo Thins are aimed at reversing that trend.

They will appear on shelves of a store near you on July 13. They will cost the same as regular Oreos.


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