The Diversity Myth at UNC-CH

July04/ 2015

To hear’em talk, UNC-CH is a paragon of ethnic DIVERSITY.   Chancellor Chihuahua Folt is a veritable Ms Liberty welcoming “the huddled masses yearning to breathe free” …. READ MORE ….

Alas, like so much that spews from “over there”, pesky facts tell another story.   Little Carol’s Gang talks a good DIVERSITY game…. but Reality Bites when they are forced to face it (reality).  ….. “Do as we say…. not as we do”.


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dr wire
5 years ago

Your quirky news got me to look at data I would not have looked at otherwise, thx. The entire 17 campus UNC system only has 20-21% A-A students out of the 220-225K enrollment.   I’m estimating females make up >2/3 of those students.  No data shown on whether they are in-state or out of state students, but reviewing the various predominantly black schools would indicate >90% in-state.  So in-state male A-A students who are not athletes are a rare bunch at the predominantly white institutions. Why do some concern themselves with diversity goals at unc-ch or ncsu based on the… Read more »

Agent Pierce
Agent Pierce
5 years ago
Reply to  dr wire

UNC-CH is 65-70% female. Not sure what % of that is AfAm or Hisp. Male AfAm are a very small % of UNCCH undergrad pop. Even less if one pulls out the AfAm athletes. Is it any wonder the AfAm athletes have issues assimilating on campus?

5 years ago

How much longer is the legislature going to put up with BOG Chairman Fennebresque? The man is afraid of his own shadow. He is not equipped to lead the BOG. He has no concept of the reforms that must be made. I have never seen a worse Republican appointment to anything.

Agent Pierce
Agent Pierce
5 years ago
Reply to  Tim

It all up to Phil Berger. Fennebresque is Berger’s Guy.

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