Living Next To The Mississippi

Cape Floodwall
July01/ 2015

Living in a city beside America’s Greatest River is pretty cool…. until Mother Nature gets frisky.   This Floodwall is 18-20′ high – Downtown Cape Girardeau, Missouri is just on the other side.  Main Street is one block away.  For comparison, Cape Girardeau is roughly the size of Hickory NC.

This Floodwall has never been breached but most others along The Mississippi have at one time or another.   The Mississippi is currently about 10′ above “flood stage” this week.

When The River is normal, sitting on this levee and “just looking at it flow by” gives one a sense of it’s awesome size and nature’s majesty.   Here’s more about The Floodwall – READ MORE …..


Cape Girardeau Floodwall

Cape Floodwall2

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