It MUST Be Randy Woodson!

June06/ 2015

Is the future of The UNC System important, or at least of some interest, to you?  If so, today requires you link to another SaidWhatMedia website.  That will be “one small click for most of you…. one scary ideological leap for a few others.”

My SaidWhatMedia compadre, AgentPierce, sets the Internet en fuego today with – Randy Woodson:  The BEST/ONLY Choice as UNC System Prez.  No way I could paraphrase or provide a “redacted” (aaaiieee, THAT Word!) version of his commentary.

Dana-Perino-Book-2So if you want to read it, just hit  – LINK – and there it will be.

A $100 donation to the Anyone But Hillary or Jeb Campaign will be automatically deducted from your 401K.  You could also receive a copy of Dana Perino’s new book.  We’re still working that out with Dana.

Bre’r Kennel might provide Kevlar HAZMAT suits for anyone of his misguided ilk who might be “skeered of catching something” if you visit AP’s website.  Work that out with BK.

Pierce and I debated which one of us should post this one.   It proves again what is increasingly apparent in America – 2015.   Politics is Everywhere and in Everything.   Of course that grim reality is “their” fault whoever your particular version of “us vs them” is.  EVERYTHING is “their” fault…. or Johnny Swofford’s for some of you.  Does anyone know Swofford’s politics?

I’m still waiting for a full background check on that umpire in Ft Worth that called the mysterious balk on the Pack pitcher last weekend.   Did he ever spend time in North Wilkesboro or ever visit Grandover outside Greensboro?  Might be worth googling.

Pierce did an earlier piece back in January right after that Tom Ross Firing Trainwreck where he (AP) proposed “Eeeevil Art” Pope as the next UNC 881_topoPrez.  He did that for the sole purpose of “nuking Franklin Street” which, of course, it most effectively did.   There were reports of pointy-headed loonies throwing themselves off the balcony of Top Of The Hill at the prospect of “Eeeevil Art” as UNC Prez.   That’s only about a 15′ fall so no one expired but there’s a few dozen loonies still limping around Chapel Hill from badly sprained ankles.

… So anyhow I think a trip over to would be a peachy-keen thing to do.  I guarantee you will mutter a few “Can he say THAT on the Internet”.    Hellfire, when I read it I even asked AP – “Are you sure you can say THAT?”  He just grinned as he pulled the pin on a hand grenade and yelled “catch”.

Here’s that – LINK – one more time.


On the totally BIZARRE report of goofy ol’ Roy getting a contract extension.  The supposed reasoning is – Prospective student-athletes generally want to be assured that their future coach plans to remain for the duration of the players’ collegiate eligibility.   OK, but the only recruits that “matter” are the One & Dones.  Since Roy still has three years left on his current deal,  that is not an issue for at least TWO more years.  So “they” should actually whack off a year of his current deal….. what am I missing here???

Q:  What will those silly Trustees think of next?

A:  More plaques for Dickie and rename a building for Jan Boxill ????


As you get acquainted with this new website…. check out Favorite Authors way up top on the Navigation Bar.  And remember – Classics and Quirky News are both ever-changing.








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