New Website…. What New Website ??

June03/ 2015

I’m in an erudite Save America From Itself discussion with BobLee and he asks “Are you going to make a BIG DEAL about your brand new website?” and I said “New website… what new website? I’m going to see if anyone even notices….”

So BL says “Soft pedal it, huh. Like how “Bruce / Caitlyn” is soft-pedaling his/her ‘transition’ thingy?

So I said “Yeah, pretty much like that. Actually BobLee I’m just going to send anyone who ‘might notice’ over to your incredibly insightful explanation of all this.” And THAT friends and neighbors is what I’m doing now:

LINK To BobLee’s Explanation about our new websites .

Everywhere in his column that it say BobLee just substitute me – AgentPierce. Our new websites are designed the same way.

Where BL talks about his offer from ESPN, substitute my offer from Bully Barber’s people to become Bully’s consigliere.   Several clandestine discussions with Bully’s media toadies – WRAL’s Jim Goodmon and N&O’s John Drescher finally broke down when my $$$$ demands reached “….. at least 80,000, maybe closer to 100,000”. …. Bwhahahaha.

Go read what BL says then come back here and noodle around some.

Getting these new sites up and running has kept me from (1) playing Whack-A-Mole with the sleazy RINOs on Jones Street and (2) from declaring my candidacy for the Republican nomination.Governor-Scott-Walker

I do believe I, AgentPierce, am about the only person NOT declaring his/her/its candidacy.  Lindsay Graham ???!!! Are you kidding me!  How many Lindsay Grahams is that Odious Karl Rove going to throw in the race to muddy the waters?   I’m going to be with Scott Walker on Friday.  I’ll ask “The Governor”.   Geee, a For-Real Conservative Governor in Raleigh.  That’ll be nice for a change.  Huh?

Speaking of “only”, based on what I see these days on TV, movies and commercial advertising; I, AgentPierce, may also be the “only” avowed heterosexual left on the planet.   OK, me and BobLee.  For sure, if one believes “the media” there are not enough of us “heteros” left these days to field a rec-league softball team.

When Bruce / Caitlyn gets thru renovating his/her plumbing, will he/see be able “to conceive” and then to be able to “enjoy” the abortion experience. Soooo much about all this I simply don’t understand….. Wonder if the GLQBTZYX gang will want to keep me around as breeding stock?

OK…. check out the site and I’ll be back at ‘cha real soon with more “hard-hitting, take-no-prisoners provocatication”.

Pierce, can you just make-up words like “provocatication”?

Wasn’t every word made up by somebody at sometime?   Besides, it’s MY NEW WEBSITE.   I can, and will, say anything I want to.

Later …..


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