How A Fish(el) Was Hooked

May08/ 2015

If you watched WRAL’s recent Ode To Global Warming special, did you also happen to see the career gun being held to Greg Fishel head forcing him to spout what Jim “Limo Liberal” Goodmon scripted him to say?   Yep, The Goodmon Gang is ramping up its Jihad to force its twisted ideology on the rest of us.

For most of the past 35 years, Greg “Fish” Fishel has had his dream job – being “the weatherman” for a mid-market TV station – WRAL-TV5.   Greg Fishel was born to “be a weatherman”.   Oops, considering where I’m going with all this, I better explain.

By “weatherman” I mean the guy on TV that stands in front of a green screen and tells you if you’ll need an umbrella tomorrow.   Not that “other kind of weatherman” like Obama’s anarchist pal – Bill Ayers – who blows up government buildings and advises Obama how to destroy America.   Greg Fishel is definitely not THAT kind of weatherman at all.

In the late 80s, Greg replaced “the longest name in weather” the late Bob Debardelaben as WRAL’s #1 Weather Guy.   Stop the career hustle, Greg could unpack and settle in being “good ol’ Fish the hippy dippy weather guy”.

A metro area like The Triangle with multiple network affiliates has 3-4 TV weather men but one is always THE weather guy.   DeBardelaben had already established that role and “Fish” slipped right into it.

You’ve seen TV/radio sitcoms like Mary Tyler Moore and WKRP and the Ron Burgundy movies.   Their stereotyped characters are dead solid perfect.  The “weather guy” is a lovable nerd who gets giddy over barometric pressures and “cold Canadian air masses” and attends meteorologists conventions in places like Des Moines and Flagstaff.    Meteorologists don’t get to go to Vegas or South Beach.

Once one becomes THE local weather guy one’s life is (1) checking radars,  (2) being sure you can pronounce all the Hurricane names correctly, and (3) putting on “weather shows” for 5th graders and Kiwanians.

One gets stopped in Krogers by little blue-haired ladies.   “Excuse me Mr Fishel, when are we going to get some rain for my begonias?”.  Life is pretty good for THE weather guy.   No one expects your forecast to be accurate and no one remembers when they actually are.  Such is the life of “the local weather guy”.

I’ve never met Greg Fishel.  I’ve spoken with Kiwanians and 5th graders who have and I’ve read his bio.   I think “Fish” would be a fine neighbor if his “Fish” persona is close to who he really is.  He could be a narcissistic, radical left-wing fanatic like the guy who owns the TV station he works for, but I just don’t think so.

I have no clue what “Fish’s” politics is, if he likes barbecue, or which local sports team he pulls for.   His bio says he went to Penn State.  Maybe he’s still in shock over the Joe Paterno Scandal.   

I’m sure there are “local weather guys” like Greg Fishel around the country that are hard-core Global Warming zealots that worship at AlGore’s altar.   I’m sure there are a lot that don’t.  If he could be honest (and not lose his job) I bet Greg Fishel is “a don’t”.

Regular readers of this website know all about The Goodmon Gang – a/k/a Capital Broadcasting Co.   Jim was Raleigh’s most un-political “city-father” UNTIL about 10-12 years ago when his wife contracted terminal limo-liberal guilt.   It wasn’t long before she had infected hubby Jim with her liberal guilt.   Since then WRAL has moved well to the left of MSNBC…. and CNN.

No one ever gets fired at WRAL unless one is Pam Saulsby.   Once on-board, one is a ”lifer”…… so long as one does whatever “Jim” or “Jimmy Jr” says.   Since The Goodmons became hard-core radical limo liberals, Jim and Jimmy Jr have ordered their news staff “to preach the Obama gospel 24/7”.

When Obama first ran in 2008, Jim had, not one but, TWO Vote 4 Obama signs in the expansive front yard of his “inside-the-beltline” manse.

Jim is also one of the Old Trust Fund Babies For Dix Hill Committee.   Will their “destination park” be named Pullen Dix?

When the citizens of North Carolina voted an overwhelming mandate to Republicans in the NC General Assembly, Jim hired a special goon squad of dumpster-diving journo-weasels to “do whatever it takes to destroy them (Repubs)”.   Don’t let Truth get in the way.  Despite Goodmon’s goons best efforts, the voters of North Carolina have ignored his dirty tricks tactics.

It was a Jim Goodmon toadie – Peter Anlyan – that came up with the notorious “at least 80,000” at Bully Barber’s mini-mob a few years ago.   Jim Goodmon has been an enthusiastc sponsor and financial sugar daddy for Bully Barber’s Jones Street sideshows for the past two years via his AJ Fletcher Foundation For Radical Liberal Cause.

It was just a matter of time before Jim would order Greg Fishel to do a Global Warming / Climate Change “special”.   Whatever Greg’s personal or professional opinion on this junk science his conclusion was going to be straight out of AlGore’s Handbook….. and it was.   SURPRISE!

Greg had to totally ignore the mountain of data debunking Gore’s junk science in order to satisfy Jim Goodmon’s Liberal Jihad against the citizens of North Carolina.

As I watched a tape of Greg’s special it was like those coerced “confessions” by Viet Nam POWs.   Greg was blinking in morse code – “Jim Goodmon is holding a career gun to my head….. all of this is radical liberal crap.”

At his age, joining Pam Saulsby in the “pursuing other career options” line was not really an option for Good Neighbor Greg.   Jim knew that of course when he ordered Greg to spout foolishness about icecaps, polar bears and rising ocean levels.

Which WRAL on-air “lifer” will get the next order from Jim?   Will Goodmon order Deborah Morgan to marry a muslim and show up on the anchor desk wearing a burka?   Don’t put it past Jim Goodmon.   He’s “on a mission”.

Will David “Ted Baxter” Crabtree “come out of the closet” and marry the sports guy.   I have no idea that Crabtree is gay; but if Jim Goodmon tells him to be on-air, I’m sure David can fake it.   Jim Goodmon is “on a mission”.

Will Jim be ordering the National Anthem NOT be played at Durham Bull games.   Instead play a rap song advocating anarchy.

Can getting an invite from Barack & Michelle for a night in the Lincoln Bedroom be worth selling one’s soul.   In Jim Goodmon’s case…. it is.

And that is…. How A Fish(el) Got Hooked.


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