In Favor of Rape, Slavery and Dirty Water !!

March18/ 2015

Add Puppy Mills to that list. Raise your hand if you are In Favor of Rape…. Slavery…. Dirty Water…. and Puppy Mills. Don’t be shy. This column is read by “crazy right-wing nuts” so, according to those oh-so-intellectual Lefty loons and their beady-eyed co-conspirators in the media cabal, there should be a lot of hands raised. Mine’s not.

I know a lot of Conservative Republicans. Our “big tent” tends to get rowdy among numerous mini-factions bickering over 10-12 socio-cultural dilemmas. That said, I have yet to run across even one of us In Favor of Rape – Slavery – Dirty Water ….. or Puppy Mills.

King James’ Old Testament tells a story about The Tower of Babel. Back in the old days, the Israelites or the Stalagtites or maybe the Rotarians decided to build a tower to Heaven so they could socialize with God. Real estate moguls in Dubai and Singapore do that too. God didn’t approve of that project so, God snapped His fingers and created “unknown tongues” – all the different languages of The World. ….. Does God “have fingers”? Now there’s a family dinner table discussion.

With the tower-builders speaking a bunch of different languages (like that crew that mows your lawn) construction was forever halted until a Silicon Valley nerd created Rosetta Stone.

The original site of Babel’s Tower was purchased by the City of Baghdad to be converted into “a destination park” to spur tourism. In case you Raleighites wondered where that whizbang concept originated.

Disharmony is the rule whenever three or more of us get together. Get three teen-age girls together and two of’em will have the 3rd one crying within 3 hours.

Two enormous obstacles that Conservatives / Republicans / Tea Party Nutz / Ron Paul People / (fill in blank with your splinter group) have to overcome are:

(1) The Left-Wing Media Cabal…. I’m not complaining. It is what it is. If it ever changed, not sure I could adjust.
(2) Not Liberals cannibalize one another. We beat one another up until we are often too tired and bruised to fight those eeeevil left-wing sumbitches.

Speaking of names…. do you ever hear the term Neo Cons any more? The only one I ever heard use that sobriquet was ol’ BELO on the N&O monkey board. “Good Neighbor” slap dab wore it out.

Despite those obstacles we now control both Houses of Congress plus over 30 State Legislatures (like NC) and Governors’ Mansions. Imagine what we’d do if we got along with one another. With all our nasty in-fighting, nit-picking, hemming and hawing over who gets to sit at the adult table and who gets to pick up Sarah Palin at the airport…. I still never heard any one say they are…..

IN FAVOR OF – Rape – Slavery – Dirty Water or Puppy Mills. Where are those liberal jackasses and their media toadies getting that?

They simply make up that crap because THEY CAN. If “Not Liberals” controlled the media maybe we would simply make-up crap too.

The 80s were the heyday for Alternative Newspapers. Not to be confused with Supermarket Tabloids. That distinction did blur on occasion. It was a rule that every Alternative Newspaper had to run one cover each year showing “a glass of dirty water” with some 2nd Coming Headline – BEWARE: You And Your Family Drink This Every Day !!!! The “water” in the glass looked like it had been scooped out of a stopped up bus station toilet at 4 AM. There were creepy crawlies swimming in that glass that haven’t been given names by who ever names creepy crawlies. We later learned it was a scam by the soft drink cabal. Just kidding.

Concerns about drinking that mess would spread all across the political spectrum. Screams erupted to shut down all the major industries in America ….. for about a week. 51 weeks later the “glass of dirty water” cover would reappear.

As for us being “In Favor of Rape”…. check at your local Liberal (that word !!) Arts College. You’ll find a Koffee Klatch of Very Scary Femi-Nazis waving castration machetes demanding every registered heterosexual horn dog on campus (assuming there are any) be neutered ASAP before they violate ONE IN FIVE coeds. If you don’t agree with them, then YOU are…. TADAAA… In Favor of Rape.

That “ONE IN FIVE coeds will be assaulted” statistic is as bogus as Bully Barber’s “about 80,000 or so” Hoot ‘n Haters. We’re back to how “the media” perpetrates liberal lies until the public simply accepts them. Report a lie 1,000 times and it is still a lie…. unless a bellowing liberal bellows it.

For the record…. one sexual assault is one too many. It is a very serious crime and should be treated as such. Far too serious to be manipulated into a Femi-nazi bumpersticker campaign.

As for the race-baiters like Sharpy, Bully and their ilk….. injecting “da Klan” and “Bull Connor” (Bull was a Democrat by the way) and “lynchin’ into every other sentence still doesn’t mean you or I have a Klan robe or hanging rope in our closets. I don’t. How about you?

We will discuss Puppy Mills another day. Neither Mrs McCrory nor I like’em.

END W/ Funny Anecdote: You’ll love this re: that last column about Duke Lacrosse Scandal…. BobLee posted it over on his site going, he thought, to great lengths to WARN his folks that it was written by his quite insane kooky “right-wing nut” pal – that be me. But this one loonie burst thru that WARNING and went CRACKERS!!! So, “CRACKERS” and BL exchanged a few e-mail “pleasantries” ’til they both wore out and mutually agreed to simply Blame Dickie Baddour. That worked…. as it so often does.


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