How Liberals Outrun The Bear

March12/ 2015

Surely you’ve heard the old joke about Bill and Bob being chased by a bear. As they are running lickety-split from the grizzly bear, Bill turns to Bob – “Do you think we can outrun this bear?” ….. Bob replied: “I don’t have to outrun the bear. I just have to outrun you.” …… The bear will catch Bill and stop to eat him …. and Bob gets away. VOILA!

That, friends and neighbors, is the perfect summation of “how smart” Liberal leadership has to be. They don’t have to “be smarter than” us, just smarter than other liberals, which apparently, they are.

Put aside the well-known myth that liberals are smart, whatever “smart” is suppose to mean. “We’re very smart because, well just because we are that’s why.” Supposedly when one registers as a Democrat their IQ immediately jumps up 30 points. For some of’em that’s a 100% increase. For an extra $5 they can get a MENSA key.

Think about it. Have you EVER heard a liberal brag about ANYTHING other than how smart he/she/it and all their fellow he/she/its are? Imagine a room full of these sumbitches with each one of’em convinced he/she/it is THE SMARTEST one in the room.

Being “the smartest Liberal” is the intellectual equivalent of being The World’s Tallest Midget. A dubious title indeed.

Have you ever heard a liberal say he/she/it can run faster or do more pull-ups or is a better driver or has sharper cheekbones or has a dog that can hunt better than your dog. No, you haven’t. All they’ve got is this “We’re liberal so we’re smart because we’re liberal.” If that bubble pops, they got NUTHIN’.

I’ve never considered myself particularly “smart”. I’ve taken a few of those Reader’s Digest IQ tests over the years and I passed. Apparently I DO HAVE ONE – an IQ. I can never remember what a mean – median –mode is but I’m in the “can pat my head while rubbing my stomach” percentile.

Now I AM a clever fellow. What Jaclyn Smith and Joey Heatherton got in “purty” I got in “clever”. There’s a fine line between “clever” and “smart-ass”. Cross that line and your future in Corporate America is negatively impacted. I was “smart” enough to finally figure that out after only 20 or so largely frustrating adult years.

Back during Freshman orientation when you take those Occupational Compatibility thingies, I shoulda checked Forest Ranger. But nooooo, I kept insisting I was “a people person”. If I am “a people person” then Joe Biden is a real person. We know THAT is not true.

This isn’t about me. This is about Liberal Leaders being chased by grizzly bears.

Pick anything that any liberal leader has said or done….. going back to the dawn of time. Any of their grand poobahs or grand poobahettes, pick any one or a hundred. None of anything they say or do makes a lick of sense. We look at it and are astounded. “Well, Lord have mercy, that’s just STOOPID” we say. ‘Nobody in their right mind would follow that poor fool anywhere.”

At that juncture we’ve already missed the point. Any analysis beyond that sends us further down the rabbit hole.

Pick any current LLs (Liberal Leaders) – Da Clintons, Da Obamas, Jimmy Carter, Sheila Jackson-Lee, that afore-mentioned loon-atic Biden, Nancy Pelosi, AlGore, Dingy Harry Reid, Eric Holder, Ol’ Sharpy, Jesse J, Bully Barber, Barbra Streisand, Pocahontas Warren….. any of’em. Go back in time – Dumplin’ Purdue, Queen Mary & Mikie Easley. It doesn’t matter. They are all one giant PAYDAY bar of nutz.

Take this latest lunacy with Hilly-beast and the e-mails. On any sane planet in the Galaxy only Madeleine Albright would believe Hilly’s pathetic BS. Madame Albright still reminds Bill that he DID NOT have sex with Ms Lewinsky.

Remove the automatic partisan bias. If Hills had gone with “my dog ate the emails” I’d a given her a “7” just for ol’ times sake. Vince Foster committed suicide by shooting himself “in the back of the head”. Try THAT some time. Kiss your elbow at the same time.

Hills could care less what AgentPierce thinks…. or what you think. Hellfire, she knows we know she is a keg-legged fraud and always has been…. always will be. She doesn’t have ankles or ethics but doesn’t need either in the league she plays in.

Alls she has to be is “smarter than” the bobble-headed goobers who worship her because….. hell, who knows why.

Is Obama “smart” or “stoopid”? Again, semantics. The uber-narcissistic Kenyan islamo-commie was “smart enough” to bamboozle enough votes to be POTUS for six years and counting. OK, the first time he just beat that Idiot McCain. That really shouldn’t even count. McCain is dumb enough to be an unofficial Liberal. Nobody voted FOR McCain. We all voted AGAINST Obama. Ask Sarah. She knows.

Remaking my point. Never judge a liberal by “our” standards of “smart”…. or our standards of anything. The great racehorse Secretariat could not play chess or ping pong. He was awful at both. But Secretariat only had to outrun the other horses…. and he certainly could do that.

The leaders of the liberal lemmings don’t have to be good at chess or ping pong either or make any sense when they spew idiotic excuses for their latest “tit in a wringer” screw-ups. Alls they have to do is be “smarter than” the rest of the liberals.

How hard is that? Really?


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