Weeping and Wailing From 27514

March11/ 2015

IF you believed the regional left-wing media cabal you might think all of North Carolina is up-in-arms over the ATROCITIES being committed hourly by that eeeeevil UNC Board of Governors. Aaaaiiieeeee!

Surely, concerned Tar Heels from Murphy To Manteo are hammering their plowshares into swords and making torches prepping for a full-out assault on the UNC General Administration building on Raleigh Road over in The Southern Part of Heaven.

Weeeelll, not quite. “Not quite” by a looooong shot.

(1) If you still believe ANYTHING coming from McClatchy ‘s failing newspapers or Jim “Limo Liberal” Goodmon’s dumpster-divers at WRAL you are certifiably brain-damaged. You should apply for a Handicapped parking thingy. Show proof of an N&O or CharlObsr subscription and you qualify. You think I’m kidding, don’t you? They routinely fabricate and quite often out-and-out lie….. BUT like all good little liberals they believe their daily lying is “for a Greater Good”. Goodmon has publicly said as much.

(2) we have pointed out on numerous occasions what we term “liberal media math” as relates to His Eminence Bully Barber’s Hoot ‘n Hates. 80,000 = about 10,000 …. 10,000 = 300 …. 100 = one mini-van containing Bully and his bodyguards. Liberal media lie about the true impact of their various hootenannies because….. like a dog lickin’ hisself…. THEY CAN.

“The media” usually count themselves in their crowd estimate. Thats appropriate since they are bitchin’ and moanin’ and chantin’ right along with the rest of the mangy mini-mob.

(3) Did you actually believe anyone in Roanoke Rapids, Albemarle, Burgaw, Roxboro, Shelby, Beaulaville, Havelock, Bryson City, Laurinburg, Monroe, LaGrange or Gibsonville has ever heard of, or gives a rat’s patoot about, Tom “Z. Smith” Ross or Gene “Don’t you know WHO I am” Nichol? Or has ever heard of Jimmy “claps like a gay seal” Moeser? Who ? Who? And Who?

There are not a dozen folks in any of those towns and cities combined who can tell you the difference between a Board of Governors, a Board of Trustees or a Board of Deacons or cares to know the difference. Thank you very much. They are way too busy making a living, raising their families, and worrying when Obama is going to formally raise the Islamic flag over The White House.

As you know, “I know people” and some of those people I know are members of that supposedly embattled UNC Board of Governors. I was worried that maybe they truly where being threatened by a flock of rabid loonie left-wing nutjobs over their recent personnel decisions. So I checked with a few of’em.

Well, I guess they ARE if your definition of “a flock of left-wing nutjobs” is a few dozen obscenity-laced emails and half that many old-fashioned letters scrawled in an agonized script containing lots of F-bombs and nasty allusions to people named Pope and Koch. And guess what else:

… over 95% of the “hate mail” is coming from the 27514 zip code.

For those of you in Rio Linda that be the Chapel Hill zip code. SURPRISE!!! Well hush my mouth and Hark That Sound.

Now, I’m not saying there are not “some” from outside 27514 but not enough to form a decent church choir or even a church league softball team.

So much for that Murphy To Manteo concern. More like Carrboro to West Derm. FWIW…. there are give/take 74 registered Repub voters in that entire gerrymandered zip code. I think I know each of’em shoe size and birthdate.

Yep…. the only ones of “your fellow North Carolinians” who are expressing concerned about the ATROCITIES by the UNC Board of Governors are the immediate families and close friends (Gene Nichol has FRIENDS ??) of the purportedly aggrieved Ross, Nichol and their little spokesemeritus – “The Meez”.

Our $25 bounty for anyone who can tell us ANYTHING that Nichol’s little Poverty thingy has actually done to alleviate “poverty” is still unclaimed. Even Gene can’t think of anything. Nevertheless, UNC has announced it will continue what Gene has been doing. Continue weepin’ & wailin’ producing Nothing = The Carolina Way….. Yeee Haa!

Charles Manson gets more marriage proposals each week than the BOG gets complaints about “cleaning the liberal loonies out of the UNC System”.

The BOG actually gets MORE complaints that they are not getting MORE of’em out faster. Go figger.

So when you read / hear about all the weepin’ wailin’ and gnashin’ of teeth about the UNC Board of Governors, NOW you know “the rest of the story.” The “True One”. Sorry about that Jim.

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