Spiro Agnew, Lizzie Borden & JAN BOXILL

March03/ 2015

Name a former VP, an Ax Murderer and the latest recipient of the Dickie Baddour ARE YOU KIDDING ME Award at UNC-CH.

I have never met Spiro Agnew, Lizzie Borden or this Jan Boxill person.   I cannot attest to the ethical purity of any of the three, but, by golly, I’d trust Spiro and Lizzie before I would this “Jan Boxill”.  ….. The clowns just keep pouring out of the little tiny car over in Chapel Hill.

Maybe it’s a conspiracy.  Coach K got worried that Chansky was actually going to get him fired over The Sulaimon Dilemma.   So Mike cuts a deal with Jan Boxill to run interference for him and Kevin (White) with this latest Beyond Belief Retirement Coronation & Deification Announcement.

If you have not seen this, don’t fret.  I’m posting the DTH and WRAL article LINKS here at the bottom; after I vent a few hyperbolic paragraphs.   This latest stunt is soooo unbelievably “cheeky” that The Clintons would not ever try it.

I mean REALLY.   They could force feed Ramses 246 greasy burritos and he could not generate a pile o’ crap this high.

Surely you remember “Jan Boxill”.  “The most ethical person that I’ve ever known” said Hall of Famer Sylvia Hatchell.  

Since Coach Hatchell and I have a dozen or so mutual friends including pop culture maven Prince Albert, I am having a CIA pal of mine run deep background checks on Albert and all the others.  If “Jan Boxill” is more ethical than they are, I’ve been a damn poor judge of characters.

Ken “$950/hr” Weinstein caught this Boxill gal dead to rights with “smoking e-mails” in the Deborah & Burgress Paper Class Scheme.   She’s so guilty even Seersucker Joe Cheshire would not take her case.

“No Pro Bono” Joe even took Stephen LaRoque’s case for heaven sakes.   Talk about “lost causes”.  He’d defend Joseph Mengele in a malpractice suit if Mengele paid his full fee in cash in advance…. but not Jan.

In the grand tradition of the aforementioned Dickie Baddour, Boxill accepts no responsibility whatsoever for her extended malfeasances but rather moans about how HER LIFE has been in a TURMOIL over this.   ….. She neglects to note that The University (“I served so honorably for 30 years”) has become a national punch-line.

With full malice aforethought, Boxill was doublechin deep in the paper class scam for years…. and now she wants to retire with full benefits.  Who does she think she is – Dickie Baddour?   I suppose she’ll want a full Farewell Dinner too; and a wheelbarrow load of Atta Girl Jan plaques like Dickie got.

I’m betting Dean Provost Dean makes it happen for her too.   Surely you recall Dean Provost Dean.  He was the wizard of smarts that went up to New York and threatened the Business Week writer “you better not write any more nasty stuff about UNC”.   He also got really nasty with Mary.   The University of The People ended up paying in various ways for both those stunts.

Oh…. Dean Provost actually DID drop the hammer on Jan in one sense.   She is not allowed to be the PA Announcer for Field Hockey any longer.   NOOOOO!  Ohhhh, the inhumanity……

Oh, and Dean dropped Boxill as Chair of some screwy UNC Ethics Center thingamajig.  Thats like Golden Corral canceling Jeffrey Dahmer’s frequent diner card.  Wanna bet Jan gets another plaque from that too.

Did Gene Chizik run his own due diligence on this crowd before he signed?  He needs to protect HIS reputation.

The guy that oughta really be pissed today is Gene “Don’t You Know Who I Am” Nichol – a/k/a John Edwards co-conspirator in the now defunct Poverty Center Scam.   Gene only got a week to set his hair on fire and claim martyr status before Jan jumps in with this latest idiocy.   So many clowns and only so much bandwidth.

So many scams running at UNC, someone needs to start a tote board.  Dan Kane would hire an assistant if the N&O had the $$$ for it.

Gene Nichol fancies himself as a combo Nelson Mandela / Gandhi.  I’m guessing Jan Boxill will go for Joan of Arc.  Hey Sasser, did Butch go for John The Baptist or Nathan Hale?

If you wanna know more about Gene (Nichol not Chizik) check out AgentPierceSaid.com  Pierce has been slicin’and dicin’ that clown for the past ten days.   AP posted a bit last night about “The Meez” that is solid gold.   His line about “Name Recognition Factor” is dead solid perfect.   Check it out.

And amid it all…. Mary & Jay’s Book is out now.  There’s been enough new sewage floating to the surface of the UNC Septic Tank for them to start on a 2nd book.

I could go on…. and on…. and on.   But I’m just gonna post the DTH story and the WRAL story and open up the Reader Comments.   Yo, ’68 try and keep it inside 500 words.  OK?

WRAL Story  –  LINK

Daily Tar Heel version – LINK

The first member of the UNC-CH Gang to ever man-up (or Jan-up!) and actually accept accountability for their crimes of omissions and/or commission will be The First.   Wonder if Jan Boxill gets a building named for her?   Surely she wasn’t in The Klan too.   Or was she?  Check with Coach Hatchell.

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