It’s March: Et Tu Duke!

March03/ 2015

March was not a good month for Julius Caesar…. nor for the past 7-8 years has it been a very good month for a certain Gothic Rockpile over in West Derm.   In March 2006 there was “Duke Lacrosse” – OUCH!  There have been March upset losses to VCU and Lehigh (LEHIGH!!) and Mercer (MERCER!!) ……  and now its March 2015 and WHAMMO – The Sulaimon Dilemma.

OK, there was that fourth National Championship in 2010.  March hasn’t been all bad for Duke of late.   But right now nobody’s talking about beating Butler back in 2010.

If one believes in Basketball Gods, one might think Dean’sDeath and, now, The Sulaimon Dilemma have both been timed to obscure the publication of Mary & Jay’s Book.  Yes THE BOOK is now “out” and, hopefully for Mary & Jay, being voraciously consumed like the proverbial “hotcakes”.

Here’s a “What If”….. If The Intimate Bookshop still existed on legendary Franklin Street would it be displaying CHEATED in its front window?   Would it even be selling CHEATED?   I’m betting Walter Kuralt (yes, Charles’ brother) WOULD indeed be stocking the book, but we’ll never know, will we.

I’m going to gamble that we can delay posting a full column or ten about CHEATED: THE BOOK for right now and scratch our heads over The Sulaimon Dilemma.

As oft-noted, my “give-a-damn” about ACC Basketball is at an all-time low level.   I have heard the name Rasheed Sulaimon as a (former) Duke player but know absolutely nothing about the young man.   I would not recognize him in a line-up with Marcus Paige and “Cat” Barber.

I probably would not confuse him with “a Plumlee” as tall white kids don’t usually have names like “Rasheed” or “Sulaimon”.   Blondie asked if he was from Africa.  She was thinking of Manute Bol and Akeem Olajuwon.   I said I was pretty sure he is/was not “from Africa”.   He is, per Google, from Houston, TX.

Google also told me young Mr. Sulaimon was recruited by UNC before choosing Duke.   That little tidbit is only important because…. well, you know why.

NOTE:  I’m going to speculate that this kid’s name is being misspelled at least 94% of the time it is being discussed on the Internet.   Nimrods who still can’t spell Doherty and Guthridge are not likely to get Sulaimon correct.

The name Rasheed Sulaimon might indicate he is of the Muslim persuasion but that is simply a stereotyped assumption…. in the same assumptive mode one would assume that neither Mike Krzyzewski nor any Plumlees ARE of the Muslim persuasion.   Whether or not he IS Muslim is only important because “ethnicity” seems to be a critical component in pretty much every news story these days.   Along the same vein, whether Rasheed Sulaimon “wears a hoodie” seems a non-factor…. but likely IS a factor.

Going back to previous “Bad Marches” at Duke….. You may recall ethnicity was VERY important back in 2006 when “rich white boys” were alleged “perps”.   In fact, them being “rich” and “white” was pretty much why a certain regional newspaper based in Raleigh had’em tried, convicted and being fitted for nooses within 24 hours of the first report of “an incident at an off-campus fraternity party”.

It took 8-9 months for Truth to overcome a crooked DA, a lying psychotic “victim” AND their being “rich” and “white” thanks to that knee-jerk media assassination by that newspaper ably assisted by The Gang of 88 of self-righteous pot-banging Duke Faculty and Staff.

I don’t know if Rasheed Sulaimon is “rich” but he is NOT “white” so it will be interesting to see how both the knee-jerk media and what’s left of The Gang of 88 respond to this current dilemma.   You can bet there’s considerable hand-wringing agoin’ on behind closed doors at newspapers and at Duke.

Richard Broadhead is still Duke’s President as he was back in 2006.   He screwed up that mess about as bad as he possibly could but somehow survived by means never made public.   Duke, being private, has much heavier rugs under which they can sweep pretty much anything.  A luxury not available to other prominent area universities. ….. one of which is wallowing neck-deep in a five-year mess of Extreme Unpleasantness while the other one has its own “sexual assault allegation” from this past weekend.

Both Duke and UNC would likely trade “current messes” with NCSU in a heartbeat.

High Academia seems to be quite the magnet for “extreme messes”.   Perhaps its due to them what runs these institutions being of the most extremely arrogant and self-righteous persuasion.    They continually pontificate the holy sanctity of their institutions while, in reality, being totally clueless what is going on within their campuses.

“Reality” is a subject of little/no relevance behind ivy-covered walls.

You can read about The Sulaimon Dilemma either “in the media” or in various board monkey cages.   I have absolutely no clue what “the Truth” is on this one.   A pretty good guess is that some sort of sexual incident(s) took place and “the people who really run Duke” (both officially and unofficially) decided to “handle it internally”.

“Handling it internally” being oh-so-much-easier to do at Duke than eight miles away down 15-501.

Winning 1,000 games and four NCs brings lots of fame, glory…. and enemies.  Those enemies are quick to pounce when there is the slightest scent of blood in the water.  This sucker is hemoragghing.

I’m going way out on a limb here and betting that the very same goggle-eyed spittle-spewing TruBlues who have been screaming that Roy, Butch, et al should be cut slack for not knowing every single detail about their programs have been oh-so-quick to deny that option to a certain Coach K.  Ya think?

Roy could not possibly have known about Fats Thomas, etc etc etc but Coach K should know about his players dating habits ???   Roy could not know about getting kids transferring into “graduate school” (wink, wink) but K should know when “no means no” if indeed “no did mean no” in The Sulaimon Dilemma.

Duke board monkeys likely see this much differently.

ABC&D board monkeys simply want both programs to be disemboweled in the public square at High Noon.

Me?  I simply enjoy watching humanity weave its tangled webs.  Within which said weavers become hopelessly entangled in their gossamer threads of deception.  McQueen Campbell…. BOTBob & Little Dickie & Roy & …. “Nifong” and now possibly even Mike ??

I’m a Daddy of a daughter.  My first impulse is to grab a castration knife when I hear about a sexual assault incident. Luckily, I’m not Judge Roy Bean administering frontier justice from behind the bar in Langtry, Texas.

UNC Wrestling Coach CJ Mock is the father of a son accused of sexual assault.   He recently got into a battle-royal with UNC She-Vigilantes.   Castrate First, then deal with “the facts” is the war cry of the She-Vigilantes.   That’s scary.

The issue of sexual assault is a Gordian Knot on every campus in America and probably every campus on the planet.   UNC’s Clueless Little Carol (From Dartmouth) has made the knotty issue her lapel ribbon of choice at the expense of all the other crap about which she is indeed quite clueless.

Raging hormones combined with an ever-more permissive culture are formidable foes to fight with lapel ribbons and candlelight vigils.

It sure would be easier for Duke and for the regional media if Rasheed Sulaimon was (1) “a rich white boy” or, at least (2) “a deranged white guy with a lot of guns” but he isn’t either of those.  When perps are NOT eeeevil white men…..oh what to do…. what to do ???

Odds are the girls involved in The Sulaimon Dilemma ARE white as was Eve Carson.  That only further complicates the (total lack of) political correctness of this mess.

As Caesar said on that fateful Ides of March while bleeding out on the floor of the Forum:. “Et tu, Brute”. …. Another March and Another Mess for Duke.

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