UNC-CH Loonies on Warpath Again!

February28/ 2015

To the surprise of absolutely no one, Gene “Hair on Fire” Nichol dispatched a platoon of his brain dead, self-righteous disciples to rant, rage, jump around and screech at Friday’s UNC Board of Governors meeting in Charlotte.

Our earlier comment on this silliness was when a UNC BOG Special Committee recommended Gene’s little Poverty Center (wink, wink) be zapped. Today the committee’s recommendation was acted upon and approved by the full board. Gene’s Scheme was kyboshed. Gene’s Gang went into full SCREEECH MODE! Lordy Lordy….

I haven’t seen any pictures of Gene’s mini-mob of rambunctious ruffians but I’m betting it included a few veterans of some Bully Barber Hoot ‘n Hates. The two bloviating demagogues – Gene & Bully – tend to draw their loonie lemming from the same litter.

Since this particular UNC BOG meeting was being held in Charlotte, it’s likely a rusted-out VW bus full of tie-dyed, bell bottomed Dead-Heads from Haight-Asheville might have been part of the motley mini-mob.

Whether UNC’s “Reverend Gabby” or “Reverend Rubye” were on-hand is unclear. Also, there is no report of any of’em “dry-humping over in the corner” as they have been known to do.

It’s the same batch of carnival midway detritus we see at all of these Hoot & Hates.

As with Bully’s bunches…. whatever “how many of’em” there was that a McClatchy newspaper reports should be reduced by 75%. “They” (McClatchy journo-weasels) tend to exaggerate “just a tad” when reporting these radical lib loonies’ jump-arounds.

A for-real journalist might have asked any of Gene’s Gang if they could name ONE SINGLE thing that Gene’s Poverty Center (wink, wink) has done to alleviate poverty since Gene and his pal John Edwards fired up the vehicle for their mutual self-promotion.

LBJ’s Great Society / War on Poverty has been throwing billions of tax-dollars down a never-ending series of entitlement rat holes for going on 50 years now….. most of those 50 years, the Democrats had control of Congress and/or The White House. How’s LBJ’s Grand Plan working? Gonna kick in any day now, huh?

It has never been about doing away with Poverty. It’s always been about electing Democrats and giving self-righteous gasbags like Nichol and Barber a bully pulpit.

All those tax-payer billions in entitlement programs has not made a dent in the poverty rolls. Keep payin’ dem baby mammas to be single baby mammas and keep birthin’ dem welfare babies with no daddies…..

Organizations that REALLY DO help the homeless and REALLY DO extend a hand to those in poverty such as The Salvation Army and local rescue missions are not fronted by demagogues like Gene Nichol and Bully Bill Barber.

No one is stopping Gene or Bully from volunteering to man a kettle or work the line at a soup kitchen… or hang sheetrock at a Habitat Home. Granted the photo op isn’t as grandiose. Oops, I just answered that question.

We noted in a recent column about a very small % of UNC-CH undergrads who seem to “major” in “Protesting” it doesn’t matter what. To paraphrase a line about grand jury indictments….. “these weak-chinned sad sacks would protest a ham sandwich”. They carry a votive candle in their pocket and will hold a candlelight vigil at the drop of a Che Guevarra beret. It being UNC-CH they likely get class credit for each protest line they stand in…. extra credit if its raining, one hopes.

Local radical media sympathizers take tight camera shots of the mini-protests always including the same core group of 8-10 woebegone kids.

Their Fearless Leader – Gene “Uncle Bluster” Nichol, true to his modus operandi issued a blistering diatribe stopping just short of comparing himself to Nelson Mandela or Ghandi.

A rompin’ stompin’ pontificatin’ Gene Nichol playing the persecuted martyr is truly a silly sight to behold. Bully Barber should loan Gene some of his ecclesiastical costumes for the full effect.

FYI…. McClatchy newspapers (N&O and CharlObs) do so LUV’em some Gene Nichol. They hang on and reprint his every whoop. “Birds of a feather…” ????

The goggle-eyed nitwits babbling about Gene Nichol’s Freedom of Speech have never expressed concern whatsoever in defense of Mike Adams down ay UNC-W. Mike has battled administrative efforts to “shut him down” for over a decade. Gene’s disciples are quite selective in their choice of out-spoken advocates. Nothing new about that of course.

Now that the UNC Board of Governors has officially pulled the plug on Gene’s Scheme we can expect McClatchy journo-toadies and Jim Goodmon’s dumpster divers to regurgitate the same Poor Poor Gene stories they barfed out last week.

And 97% of the population of Chapel Hill that have been programmed from birth to blame every rainy day, broken shoelace and flat tire on “those damn eeeeeevil Republicans” will still do so…. just without Gene’s Poverty Scheme.

Hark The Sound of UNC Loonie Liberals on The Warpath ….. Again. Yawn.

PS: A reminder that appointees to the UNC BOG receive ZERO “Pay”. Debunking yet another popular lie among the Hoot & Haters.

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