I Am Rudy…. I Am Rudy….. I Am Rudy.

February23/ 2015

The classic scene from the movie Spartacus. The Romans had captured Spartacus’ Slave Army. The rebellious gladiator and his followers were impounded. The Romans ordered “the one called Spartacus” to identify himself. His public execution would break the spirit of his followers.

Spartacus (Kirk Douglas) rose to identify himself “I’m Spartacus” – his 2nd in command, Antoninus (Tony Curtis) immediately leapt to his feet – “I Am Spartacus”. A 3rd man rose – “I Am Spartacus”….. a 4th….. a 5th; and quickly the 1,000s of followers were in unison proclaiming – “No, I Am Spartacus”. Their spirit against tyranny was undefeated…. The Fall of The Roman Empire was inevitable.

Today I rise to proclaim – “I Am Rudy (Giuliani)”. Standing with the embattled former Mayor of New York to declare my resistance to the anti-American tyranny of the Obama Administration?

Surely you have read about the full frontal assault by Obama’s media corps in response to Rudy Giuliani’s off-hand remark that “Barack Obama does not love America”. A simple comment as unremarkable and unchallengeable in context as if Giuliani had said “water is wet” or “Joe Biden is an embarrassment to the human race”.

Barack Obama’s entire political career, from young activist to The White House has been based upon his passionate and flagrant rejection of every brick in the foundation of this country. From his public shows of utter contempt during the playing of the National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance to his embracing of the most outspoken critics of everything America stands for…. profane anti-America critics both foreign and domestic.

We won’t even get into his Muslim vs Christian thing today.

Barack Obama’s blatant contempt for America is certainly his “right”. Unlike the totalitarian regimes he embraces, America permits dissidents. “Freedom of Speech” (unlike Separation of Church & State) is specifically granted to every citizen of this country…. and those who pretend to be citizens.

Obama is not “required” to show respect for our flag or to those who stand in harm’s way to defend our country. “They” do so to defend his “right” to “not love America”.

At whatever point you became aware of Barack Obama, surely you have seen and heard of his 20 years association with Jeremiah Wright. Do you think Jeremiah Wright “loves America”? Perhaps you don’t know about Saul Alinsky. Is that too “inside politics” for you. Same for Bill Ayers. Does the name Valerie Jarrett mean anything to you? Eric Holder?

If you are reading this, and you are familiar with those names….. you have no doubt that Barack Obama does NOT “love” any concept of the term “America” that you would define.

Barack Obama’s rabble rousing diatribes to his followers as been, from Day One, based upon overthrowing 250 years of “America” and reshaping this country into his Socialist ideology.

Socialism has never “worked” and only exists under Totalitarian dictatorships. A dictatorship under which dissent is expressly outlawed.

A dictatorship where a state-controlled media immediately destroys anyone who dares to question “Our Fearless Leader” ….. Der Fuhrer ….. El Duce ….. Lord Obama.

What Obama fears the most is always easy to determine by how quickly his media attacks anyone who dares question him. The immediate knee-jerk assault on Rudy Giuliani was instantaneous. Obama fears being revealed for what he is….. and for what he is not and never has been.

In the classic tale of the Emperor’s New Clothes….. the young boy watching the Emperor parade through the streets of his kingdom simply said what the cowering subjects were too afraid to utter. “The Emperor is wearing no clothes.”

Rudy Giuliani was hardly espousing a deeply philosophical treatise. Rudy was not Martin Luther nailing thesis’s to a church door. His comment was not a Churchill-esque rallying cry.

If “Barack Obama does not love America” even has bumpersticker potential it is not because of the validity of the casual comment. It will be because of the knee-jerk reaction from Obama’s minions.

The impact of what happened last week is that it further revealed the fragile shell of all that Obama is and the shifting sand upon which he bases his power.

From the minutemen at Concord to the GIs on Omaha Beach and wherever and whenever America has been threatened….. Americans have fought to protect Obama’s right to “not love America” ….. AND to protect Rudy Giuliani’s right to say “Obama does not love America” ……

And my right to stand proudly with the embattled former Mayor of New York and to proclaim …… “I Am Rudy.”

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