Take THAT You Fatuous Windbag!

February18/ 2015

The Purge Continues….. The much-maligned and oft-beleaguered UNC Board of Governors has “purged” (sort of) another radical left-wing element of the much-maligned and oft-beleaguered Flagship campus of its 16 campus fleet. ….. This time it is Gene Nichol’s personal cash cow a/k/a the infamous Gene & John (Edwards) Center for Poverty Work & Opportunity / Gene’s Bully Pulpit.

Can we expect another whizbang press conference where BOG Chair “Big Bad John” Fennebresque blurts out “Take THAT You Fatuous Windbag”? One can only hope.

The BOG Special Committee to Shutdown Goofy Left-Wing “Centers” recommended on Wednesday that Gene’s little cash cow be shutdown. This decision comes as a shock to absolutely no one…. and the resultant knee-jerk indignant reaction likewise surprises no one. No one does “indignant reactions” like aggrieved Franklin Street academaniacs. Gene led the indignant response with one of his more colorful hair-on-fire spittle-spewing polysyllabic diatribes.

The only differences between Gene Nichol and Michael Moore: Michael has three more chins; but Gene has tenure.

Closing Gene’s little “center” simply means Gene needs to get more creative in his scammings. Gene can still pretend to do whatever he has been pretending to do with this shell “center” since he and, then POTUS candidate, Edwards hatched the idea as a handy vehicle for their mutual self-promotion.

Candidate Edwards ended up with more promotion than he bargained for. Except, of course, for award-winning N&O newshound – RobRielleWho Christensen – who still has no clue who “Rielle” was or is. After two years as a national punchline, Johnny has gone back to chasing ambulances instead of chasing videographers…. and Gene kept their Poverty Center scam for himself.

There are/were over 200 “centers” across the UNC System. All 200 have one commonality – no one actually knows what they are for or if whatever their purposes were, were being properly addressed….. but their harrumphing advocates were adamant that they (the “centers”) are invaluable. Read that last sentence as if you were a self-absorbed academic and it likely makes sense. If you are not a self-absorbed academic don’t bother. Such “logic” will never make sense.

Of the 200, only The Gene & John Poverty Center was being run by a bloviating gasbag. Of the 200 “centers”, only three were classified as so ridiculous as to defy any justification whatsoever. Gene Nichol’s being one of those three. Another was at ECU that included the nasty word “diversity” and one over at NCCU that was simply gobblygook. Gene’s was zapped “because it was Gene’s” in addition to being ridiculous.

Surely you recall BOG Chair “Big Bad John” Fennebresque taking 20 minutes to explain why he was NOT firing Tom Ross and neglecting to ever say why he WAS firing Tom Ross. It “was” because Tom Ross is a hard-line liberal ideologue.

In a similar vein, closing Gene Nichol’s pet “center WAS because Gene Nichol has long been The #1 Fatuous Windbag on a campus where being a Fatuous Windbag is considered an honor ranking slightly below having one’s jersey in the rafters.

The UNC BOG is closing Gene’s private cash cow for the same reason a dog licks itself – because it can. Also the same reason Bully Barber and Brian Williams lie a lot – because they can. Gene, Bully and Brian all three get to hide behind the apron strings of a co-conspiring media. That media will REALLY go indignant with this latest news about closing Gene’s bogus center.

As surely as Reverend William “Bully” Barber is the snarling face of the NC Democrat Party, then Gene Nichol is the permanently bloviating face of the Chapel Hill campus of the UNC System. A campus that never tires of telling its primary funding source how much it (the campus) despises said funding source. Actions do have consequences.

“The University” recently made Gene qualify his screaming diatribes against The NC General assembly’s duly-elected majority by noting “I am not screaming and spewing on behalf of The University”. All that did is further link Gene to said Flagship.

Gene The Crusading Poverty Warrior is currently paid $200,000 for teaching one course at The UNC Law School ….. after being fired as Pres of William & Mary for removing “the cross” from school’s chapel and sponsoring a Porn Fair on campus, among other things. To say Gene Nichol loves to be a magnet for provocative controversy is an understatement akin to saying Mike Krzyzewski has a salty vocabulary.

Relax all you Poverty advocates. Gene can continue pretending to fight poverty by securing private funding and/or agreeing to teach a 2nd class at UNC Law assuming he would get another $200,000 to do so. Teach THREE classes and Gene would be raking in almost as much as a UNC Defensive Coordinator but his (Gene’s) hours are lots better.

Maybe Gene can squeeze funding out of UNC’s Blue Zone Fat Cats who are funding the Support Our Illiterate Athletes Legal Fund?

Maybe Bully Barber will pay Gene to be the opening act for his next Hoot & Hate. Gene sure can Hoot and Hate with the best of’em.

Maybe the N&O will pay Gene for his biweekly Gene Screams columns in their beleaguered newspaper?

Just as Gene Nichol and Bully Barber supply me with limitless column fodder, being “picked on” is for Gene what “being thrown in a briar patch was for B’rer Rabbit. It is exactly what Gene hoped for. Now Gene can REALLY go high octane in his next round of Gene Screams at all things Not-Radically Liberal.

Does Gene Nichol have every right to be a bloviating windbag? Of course he does. The term “bloviating windbagbag” is not specifically protected in The Constitution but it is implied.

Does the UNC BOG have every right to close “a center” run by a bloviating windbag? Again, not specifically mentioned in their bylaws but yes, such right is implied.

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