Is Bully Barber Done?

February15/ 2015

Can we “Stick a fork in” Reverend William “Bully” Barber? Is the self-annointed mob-boss of the NC Democratic Party “done”?

On a Saturday afternoon under 50 degree sunny skies, “Bully” held his annual Super Enormous Colossal Hoot ‘n Hate on Raleigh’s Fayetteville Street….. Not enough hooting haters showed up to officially call it “a crowd”. It was “a buncha” at best.

You know it was “a dud” when Bully himself said (paraphrasing)….. it doesn’t matter (that hardly anyone showed up). I’m still as relevant as I ever was….. Can’t argue with that.

This was the same sideshow shindig that Bully and his media toadies have touted for the past year as THE Signature Civil Rights Demonstration of The New Millenium. The infamous “at least 80,000” (cough, wink, snort, giggle) that a Jim Goodmon minion guess-timated – a/k/a bald-faced lied – and that Bully made sure got into every press release touting His Bullyness’ various stand-up gigs around the country.

Members of Bully’s inner circle were embarrassed a year ago that maybe 10,000 at most got hyperbolized into the infamous AT LEAST 80,000. When Bully could quote Goodmon’s logistics lackey that his Hoot ‘n Hate drew AT LEAST 80,000, then “how many” WAS indeed a BFD. No, I don’t recall Brian Williams quoting the ludicrous 80,000 or claiming he was one of’em. With yesterday’s mini-mob at least 78,000 short of at least 80,000, suddenly “size does not matter”. Whatever you say Bully. Bwahahahaha.

Maybe Bully’s abysmal turn-out was due to a conflict with The Krispy Kreme Challenge Run also held in Downtown Raleigh on Saturday. Does The City of Oaks have a lot more doughnut-loving runners than it does hootin’ hatin’ old hippies and assorted vagrants? Apparently.

Like all con men, flim flamers and snake-oil peddlers down thru the ages, Reverend William “Bully” Barber always has “a spin” ready for every occasion. Maybe he shoulda had free doughnuts?

Did you even know Bully was having his annual Hootin’ Hippies and Lesbian Ministers’ Job Fair yesterday? Therein lies an interesting element.

Bully Barber is now – always has been – forever will be only as relevant as his local media cronies – McClatchey’s N&O and Jim Goodmon’s WRAL – choose to make him. For reasons yet revealed both of the local radical left-wing media organizations downplayed this year’s Bully Bash. Have they moved on from devoting their entire personnel resources to promoting Bully Barber’s carny-esque shenanigans?

Not only did they not trumpet Saturday’s Fayetteville Fete, neither the N&O nor WRAL have devoted much ink or air time at all to Bully’s worn-out antics at the General Assembly.

Bet you didn’t even know that Bully and a dozen or so of his squawking squatters have been doin’ their darndest to disrupt the daily business of the North Carolina General Assembly. Yep, Bully, all festooned-up in his papal vestments and Bully bling, shepherds in a mini-van load of his street-gang. They proceed to hoot, holler and stink-up the foyer outside the Legislative Assembly room in various choreographed skits.

Last year you may recall, “they” took over Speaker Tillis’ office and two of the scroungier hippies commenced to dry-humpin’ over in one corner. That was when we met “Reverend Rubye” and Chapel Hill’s “Reverend Gabby” among others loopy loonies.

Last week, Bully had’em do some “die-in” stunt in which his mini-mini mob o’ minions and minionettes laid on the floor and “played possum”. You’re wondering – did Bully hisownself lay down on the floor? That answer is No. The logistics of bringing in a front-end loader to get Bully back to vertical mode were way to formidable. The sight of Bully Barber being dragged outta the building with a logging chain wrapped ‘round his ankles woulda gone viral on You Tube for sure. Sorta like when a whale beaches itself on the Outer Banks.

Why did Bully have his mini-mob o’ minions “play possum” in the foyer of the NC General Assembly? No one is quite sure. Asking “why” Bully does anything usually gets back to “because it gets Bully publicity”. Bully does love hisself free publicity. That’s why he has McClatchey and Jim Goodmon wrapped around his pudgy Bully finger.

One new wrinkle that Bully is using this year is aligning himself with local Muslims. The recent Kerfluffle over at Duke and, of course, the tragedy in Chapel Hill were good enough excuses for Bully to open his Hoot ‘n Hates to those of the Islamic persuasion. Yes, Islam calls for the eradication of all other religions including The World According To Reverend Bully Barber, but Bully needs warm bodies so “what da heck”. He’ll fly in witches on broomsticks if a WRAL film crew will shoot it.

One would think this Muslim alliance would conflict with Bully’s sizable faction of Lesbian ministers. Butchs & Berkas seems a bit incongruous. But, apparently not. Bully makes up his rules as he goes along.

Maybe more incongruous that Butchs & Berkas is the fact that Bully’s primary fan-base is of an Afro-American persuasion with a well-known predilection for meat of the pork persuasion. Uh Oh! If Bully invites a buncha Imans to a Wayne County pig-pickin’ it could all go Jihad quicker than you can say Allahu Akbar Y’all. Yet another viral You Tube.

So….. is Bully Barber “done”. Too early to tell. If there was ever the quintessential example of “If a tree falls in the woods and nobody hears it, does it make a noise?” That be Bully Barber’s Hootin’ & Hatin’. The Bully-Man is as relevant as how much newsprint and/or air time he receives.

Without his media cronies, Reverend William “Bully” Barber is just another goggle-eyed street preacher hoppin’ up and down screamin’ “LISTEN TO ME!” ….

Yesterday in downtown Raleigh very few people bothered ….. to listen to Bully Barber.

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