Wrestle-Mania Amid The Pines

January16/ 2015

SURPRISE!! There’s another Battle Royal waging over at The Flagship. This one doesn’t involve semi-literate jocks or even muslims. This week’s Wrestle-Mania amid the pines has UNC’s controversial wrestling coach C.D. Mock versus UNC’s Ever-Angry She-Nazis. A lot of screeching and name-calling going on.

You might have seen / heard this story (LINK) for various reasons.

(1) Pretty much anything that happens over at UNC-CH is news-worthy “because”.
(2) The socio-cultural issue of sexual violence on campuses is “topical” and concerns us all on various levels.
(3) That “UNC’s Wrestling Coach – CD Mock” is the outspoken protagonist attracts curiosity from UNCers and ABCers.
(4) That UNC’s infamously vitriolic She-Gang is at full screech at Mock certainly amps up the Yeee-Haaa factor.

Sexual Assaults are a very serious matter. Falsely accusing someone of Sexual Assault is ALSO a very serious matter. If you don’t agree with both of those statements, you won’t like this commentary.

Violence Against Women both On-Campus, In-elevators, or darn-near anywhere is a societal ill that should concern us all. Blame it on Internet porn…. feminism ….. Islamofascists….. The Koch Brothers….. texting while driving…. or “gluten” – violence against women (or against men) is a significant societal ill.

Other than the socio-paths and psychopaths among us, I believe “we” as a society are indeed united in opposition to sexual violence against women/girls. I’m also against pedophilia, kiddie porn, puppy mills, and bullying if anyone is taking a survey. I believe CD Mock is also opposed to sexual violence.

C.D. Mock has been UNC’s Wrestling Coach for 10+ years following a stellar career as one of UNC’s most decorated wrestlers of all-time. C.D. Mock has been described as “difficult to deal with”. I have never met him.

Wrestlers, along with Lacrosse and Rugby players, have somewhat of a reputation as contrarians. “Intense” and “jerks” are words often used, not always justified, in describing their personalities. I’m not sure why that is, but the stereotypes do exist. C.D. Mock’s reputation would fit that stereotype. Nothing illegal about being “a jerk”. It tends to be a subjective label. Likely not everyone who deals with Mock perceives him that way…. but more than a few do.

Being “a jerk” certainly does not negate Mock’s very outspoken on-line comments about his son’s on-going issues with a sexual violence charge stemming from an on-campus incident. NOTE: Mock’s son incident did not happen at UNC-CH.

Mock’s vocal opponents in this Brouhaha also have well-earned reputations as “jerks” also. Or whatever the feminine equivalent of that term might be. That being the male-hating she-Nazis that are aggressively taking control of UNC-CH’s campus.

UNC’s undergraduate student body is now 65+ female and, of course, UNC has a She-Chancellor in the diminutive Carol Folt (“From Dartmouth” as my buddy BobLee forever reminds us). To say that the UNC-CH campus is not male-friendly would not be an understatement at all. It (the UNC campus) will be more so unfriendly to males in general a year from now and beyond. I don’t have a son considering college but if I did I would definitely NOT suggest he even consider UNC-CH.

Put aside the legitimate issue of sexual violence; these beady-eyed harpies are in a perpetual state of offended constipation. Are ALL the man-hating She-Devils Lesbians? I reject ALL broad-brushing statements. I suspect a goodly % of the man-hating UNC She-Devils do indeed acsribe to a Lesbian life-style. Again, how would I know?

Back to Coach Mock vs the Screeching She-Devils …..

Charges of “rape” and/or lesser violent forms of overt sexual violence on women has always had an element of He Said – She Said involved. It always will.

“She consented” is always the first alibi any male will claim upon being charged. In some situations that certainly is/could be the case. In many cases it certainly is not. I don’t know the %s.

There are several circumstances in which a female might after-the-fact claim she resisted, when she did not. Again, I don’t have a statistical breakdown of how often which circumstance occurs.

The UNC man-hatin’ She-Devils claim it NEVER is. Coach Mock claims it was in his son’s case. Maybe Mock simply believes his son’s account. Maybe his son is lying. Maybe his son is not lying. The UNC male-hating She-Devils don’t consider ANY “he said” option.

Mock is also very upset that sexual violence incidents are subject to two separate jurisdictions – (1) the general local-state-federal laws as enforced by standard law enforcement agencies and “the court system” …… (2) a kangaroo court situation on many campuses across America where the male is automatically considered guilty, dragged thru the mud, and likely suspended or expelled from the institutions having simply been “accused”.

Mock’s son was found Not Guilty under the real legal system. Few, if any, males are ever found Not Guilty by the campus kangaroo courts. UNC-CH is by no means the only college operating under the kangaroo “get a rope” court system.

Does THAT bother you or seem rather scary? That IS the issue here.

Mock’s writing style might be disconcerting. Perhaps he could express his point less confrontationally and be more effective? ….. Maybe it really wouldn’t matter because the UNC She-Devils are out-to-get-him now regardless.

By simply expressing his opinion, Mock has become a target for the male-hating She-Devils. Their castration knives are unsheathed and aimed at Mock’s crotch as well as at his job. They want Mock FIRED IMMEDIATELY because (1) he dared to state his opinions on-line in his own blog. And (2) because “getting him fired” strengthens their stranglehold on UNC-CH. The guilt/innocence of his son is NOT why the UNC She-Devils want him FIRED IMMEDIATELY.

How Carol The Chancellor and Bubba The AD resolve this relative to Mock’s employment will be “interesting” to follow.

A LOT that goes on over at UNC-CH is “interesting” to follow.

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