The Next UNC System Prez Will Be _______ !

January16/ 2015

Some folks think the aroma of fresh Krispy Kremes is “divine”. My personal definition of “Dee-vine” is the sound of liberals heads exploding from sheer unmitigated consternation / constipation.

Today we learned that UNC Board of Governors Prez Tom Ross is now UNC BOG “Lame Duck” Prez. No surprise at all. Ross’ ouster has been “in the works” for at least a year. Giving him a year to gum up the works is troubling but …..

Can I be the first to formally predict The Next UNC System Grand Poobah will be:

None-other-than….. Eeeevil ART POPE…. if Art wants it.

The fact that Art Pope is eminently qualified for the position is a bonus.

NOTE: Art Pope is not “Eeeeevil” at all. He’s one of the nicest gentlemen one will meet. He’s even nice to liberals who he knows have been programmed since birth to hate him…. as well as hate people like me and most of you. But especially to hate Art Pope.

Yes indeedy….. Eeeevil Art – the scourge of every beady-eyed spittle-spewing liberal loon from Murphy To Manteo with primary concentrations in Haight-Asheville and Chapelboro. Other than those two infestations, significant Lib/Dems colonies are scattered and irrelevant other than when they type obscenities in ALLCAPS and hide behind BullyBarber’s enormous shadow.

Art Pope would be an Outstanding UNC System President. Above and beyond the “make so many liberals’ heads explode” aspect. Don’t discount that special talent.

The UNC System is a very complicated “Business” not a glorified school principal gig. Being an on-campus Chancellor is the glorified school principal position.

Hiring “academics” as chancellors is OK IF they have credible experience in academic administration. Holden Thorp did not have that. He is getting that OJT now at Wash U but too late for UNC. Chancellors have to deal with pickle-headed faculty squirrels. No sane person from “the real world” has the patience for that foolishness.

The System President deals with his chancellors and his appointed board…. and his administrative staff…. and the NC General Assembly. Imagine Tom Ross w/ Tillis or Berger? Bwahahaha.

Put a for-real Executive CEO-type in that seat. Erskine Bowles was such a Prez. C.D. Spangler was such a Prez. Molly Broad was not. Tom Ross is not.

The next UNC Prez will be appointed by a dominately Republican Brd of Governors so it won’t matter who they select…. the liberals will knee-jerk SCREECH & HOWL regardless. Might as well go for it and give it to Art Pope. Lets REALLY piss off those pusillanimous sumbitches.

Did everyone notice how quickly both McClatchy and WRAL went immediately into a Tom Ross Love-Fest when the news was released? Who Knew Tom Ross could walk on water ??? Jim Goodmon and Tom Ross should “get a room”.

The McClatchy clowns will poke out their eyes with forks then throw themselves out the window of wherever they are when it is announced. Rob RielleWho and those Dumb & Dumber clowns in the N&O Op/Ed closet will have Class Four conniptions. A Class Four conniption is almost as good as a full Head Explode.

Maybe Jim Goodmon will simply melt into a puddle of goo? He will dispatch his little dumpster-divers to “Bring Me The Head of Art Pope” but he won’t get it.

Tom Ross was appointed by a transition Brd. He would never have been the choice of the current board. Ross was a bag-man for Z. Smith Reynolds for heavens sakes. That’s like being George Soros’ or Joe Biden’s shoeshine boy.

Bill Friday set up the Brd of Governors / UNC System to be President-centric, not Board-centric. The everyday power / control is with the President. That’s how Friday wanted it. That doesn’t fly when an ideologue like Ross has the position.

Will Tom Ross start planning to run against Richard Burr in Nov ’16? Ross has the on-screen charisma of navel lint. Nov 2016 will be a national election which means a large turn-out including a lot of yellow-dog voting Democs who will check anywhere there is a (D) so Ross would get that vote. So did Bev Purdue? How did that turn-out? I miss Dumplin’ as a “she said what???” foil.

Plenty of time to drive liberals crazier with talk of Art Pope as UNC System President. For now simply mention the possibility in all your postings and to everyone you know….. especially whatever liberals you still talk to.

I am curious about giving Ross the next twelve months to gum up the system. I need to ask my BOG buddies why they did that. If it were me, I’d change all the locks and passwords ASAP. Lame ducks can be deadly.

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