Happy New Year BULLY BARBER!

January12/ 2015

One of my 2015 resolutions was to comment less about Reverend William “Bully” Barber and more about legitimate issues and people that actually matter in North Carolina and America.

That lasted twelve days, then SPLATT! – Ol’ Bully done done it AGAIN. The Largest Flaming Hypocrite In Wayne County is spewing AGAIN……

Bully’s Latest amounts to not all that much of a BFD since it is confined to NC Spin. NC Spin, for those who don’t know, is a political pundit TV show produced and underwritten by another favorite target of ours – Mr Limo Liberal Himself – Jim Goodmon, inheritor of Capital Broadcasting / WRAL.

NC Spin is aired very early Sunday mornings between infomercials for vacuum cleaners, ED cures, leak pluggers, World’s Greatest Pillows, garden hoses, and that overly-caffeinated kid in Charlotte with the mega-church. Not exactly Prime Time if you get my drift.

NC Spin provides a job of sorts for long time Goodmon lackey Tom Campbell. It also fulfills some kinky promise Goodmon must have made to the mammas of John Hood and Chris “Blinky” Fitzsimons to make them “TV Stars”.

In addition to Campbell, Hood and Fitzwhiney, there are two other panelists each week rotating among a dozen or so used-to-bees, wanna-bees, and might-bees all of whom appear for free. “Appear for free” being the primary qualification for being on the show.

Does it sound like The Five on FoxNews? Not at all. Kimberley Guilfoyle spends more on stilettos in a month than Goodmon gives Campbell as his annual production budget. Hell, Bob Beckel’s Burberry suspenders cost more than all the furniture on NC Spin.

Back to Bully….. apparently on a recent NC Spin, one of the used-to-bees – Joe Mavretic – referred to Bully’s Moral Monday Mob as “a mob” and that set Ol’ Bully off. Give’em Hell, Joe! If Joe had referred to Bully as “Bully” no telling what Bully mighta done.

Bully saddled up his Ecumenical High Horse as Bully is wont to do and fired off a steaming missive to Tom Campbell expressing extreme moral OUTRAGE at Joe referring to his mob as a mob.

If this is starting to give you a headache, here’s Bully’s mad missive. See for yourself.

Bully Barber’s Enraged Missive To Tom Campbell – LINK

About 2-3 paragraphs into Bully’s raging missive he starts referring to “radical right-wing extremists”. “Radical Right-wing Extremists” is a polite (?) term of endearment that this quarter-ton-of-sanctimony uses to describe anyone who disagrees with His Bullyship. Based on last November’s election results, that comprises a very sizable number of registered voters all of whom have valid IDs, not coincidentally.

Bully’s weekly Monday mobs of derelicts, freaks, old hippies, not-so-old hippies, potheads, Ls, Gs, Bs, Ts, and Qs and assorted ministers of various Lord-knows-what sexual persuasions were, by Bully’s description “not a mob”. They were “Not A mob” because, Funk & Wagnall be damned, Bully says so. “Bully Says So” being the authentication mechanism Bully prefers.

Bully also notes his appreciation for and willingness to debate the ideological differences twixt he and his mob and the vast majority of quasi-normal people across the state. That willingness to sit down and debate was not evident when Team Bully cancelled pre-arranged meetings with former Speaker Tillis, Senate Pres Berger and other NC General Assembly members. Bully backed-out of at least two such meetings in recent years. Backed out on the very morning of the planned meetings. Bully’s media lackeys (Goodmon & N&O) reglected to inform you about that. Wonder why ???

Standing out front of the General Assembly and screaming epithets while Jim Goodmon’s cameras get plenty of B-roll is Rev Bully Barber definition of “polite debate” apparently. Again the “Because Bully Says So” factor is evoked here.

Nor does Bully Barber’s mad missive mention those infamous “two old hippies dry-humping in the corner” of Tillis’ office when Bully ordered his mobsters to “take over”. No mention either of “Reverend Rubye” or “Gabby” – Yeee Haaa. Those two illustrious members of Bully’s Not-A-Mob mob were my personal faves.

I leave you now with a visual montage of Rev. Bully Barber’s Not-A-Mobs. I regret I do not have images of all 80,000 (cough, snort, giggle) of Bully’s polite dissidents exercising their right to not-be-a-mob. Maybe Logistics Expert Peter Anlyan has those images?

Happy New YearTo Bully… and to Bully’s Mob!

OK, THIS ONE is from The Walking Dead…. My Bad!


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